Have you had enough water for your baby in the hot summer? To understand the signal of water shortage, we should not be careless in choosing water

It’s very hot, people sweat a lot, so they drink a lot of water to replenish water. So, how should infants and young children replenish water scientifically in summer? Has your child had enough water? < p > < p > babies under 6 months of age take milk as their staple food, and they will not be short of water whether they are fed with breast milk or formula milk powder. When the baby feels thirsty, he will take the initiative to drink more milk to adjust. < / P > < p > secondly, pay attention to the baby’s lips. Don’t wipe them frequently with a wet towel, but it will take away the moisture on the surface of the lips. Finally, it depends on the baby’s breathing habits. If you breathe with your mouth, it may lead to dry lips, and you should find ways to correct them. < / P > < p > the above is normal. If the baby is less than six months old and loses a lot of water due to disease, it may lead to water shortage in the body. You should also try to supplement it with milk first, instead of feeding some water. < / P > < p > generally speaking, if the baby urinates six or more times within 24 hours, there is no water shortage. Of course, the color of urine is also a big reference, clear and transparent or yellowish, without water shortage. < / P > < p > if the baby already has the initial expression ability, he will also take the initiative to express his ideas to the adults when he is thirsty. The smaller one will cry for milk to eat, and the older one will be interested in the cup for milk and water. < / P > < p > don’t worry, there is no fixed standard for this problem. You need to judge according to the times of urination and color of the baby’s urine every day, and also according to the amount of water loss of the baby every day. It’s a technical job ~ we need to explore step by step. < / P > < p > moreover, replenishing water for your baby is not only for drinking water, but also for foods with high water content such as milk, porridge and fruit. As long as the water balance is ensured, it is not necessary to be so accurate. < / P > < p > alkaline water: there is no need to buy it specially. A healthy human body will automatically adjust the appropriate pH value, no matter what water the baby drinks, it is the same. < / P > < p > all kinds of sugared water, drinks and milk mixed with sugar: not suitable for babies to drink, increase physical burden, but also easy to make children sweet and fat. < / P > < p > for babies within 6 months, if breastfeeding, the mother should also pay attention to add more water, otherwise the secretion of milk will be affected. Of course, this refers to not only water, soup, porridge, juice and other liquids to drink more, does not affect the secretion of breast milk, but also does not matter. But we must avoid drinking water and drinks containing artificial additives, which will have adverse effects on the baby’s body. It’s better not to let the baby drink water before going to bed, otherwise it will want to urinate in the evening, which will affect the sleep quality, and the parents will also be troubled. Do not feed water within two hours before going to bed. If your baby really wants to drink, you can drink less and moisten your lips. Babies less than six months old can be fed with milk bottle. After six months, they can gradually transition to straw cup duck beak cup open cup. Some children learn fast and may directly transition to open cup. Parents do not need to intervene too much. If the child doesn’t like drinking water, don’t worry too much about anxiety, just guide them well. Eating and drinking water belong to the survival instinct. If you are hungry, you will eat it naturally, and if you are thirsty, you should think about why the child does not drink water, whether he drinks other drinks, or eats food with high moisture content, or does not like the taste of boiled water, so it is better to deal with it accordingly.