Have you washed your face for so many years? These kinds of skin cleansing, experts to put “big move”!

Life is not often someone, skin love oil, to the summer is crazy oil. During the epidemic period, wearing a mask for a long time is easy to stuffy acne and keep mouth closed for a long time.

cleansing, as the first step of skin care, is easy to be ignored. To be honest, it’s not easy to choose your own cleanser. Pay special attention to these four kinds of skin!

if your skin is sensitive, you should pay more attention to the choice of cleansing products than other skin types, because using the wrong product can easily damage the skin. The cleaning products with granules must not be selected. It is better to choose the weak acid cleansing products with pH5.5.

beauty eyebrows with oily skin should avoid choosing soda cleaning products, because it is easy to cause skin tension on the face, and long-term use of these products will affect skin health. In fact, oily skin with a little oil control effect of cleansing milk, and then when cleaning to strengthen T area cleaning can be.

many girls with acne use powerful deoiling products after acne. This is not correct and it is easy to aggravate acne. Acne muscle should choose special acne cleaning products, because these products will not stimulate acne at the same time. Indiscriminate use of products will only cause more acne, so we must pay attention to it.

dry skin should not use cleansing products with too strong cleaning power, because the original facial oil secretion is less, if you use excessive cleaning products, the face will be more dry. Dry skin should choose a mild product with moisturizing effect, which can keep skin moist while cleaning.

1. The skin surface is weakly acidic, and there is a layer of sebum membrane on the surface, which can protect the skin. The best cleanser is in this acidity. Don’t accidentally wash off the protective film.

2. The appropriate degree of cleansing is that after washing, the skin on the face feels smooth and not tight. If the skin feels tight and dry after cleansing, it indicates that your cleaning may be excessive.