He Chaoying succeeded in losing weight. In order to lose half of himself, the contrast between the photos is obvious

Now parents are more aware that loving their children is not only to provide their children with the external conditions they need, but also to spend more time with their children to witness their every growth and progress. As a result, many parents did not attach great importance to their own physical health and personal safety in the past. After having children, they cherish themselves more and more, for no other reason, just to have a healthier body and accompany their children further. < p > < p > since she was pregnant, he Chaoying, the daughter of the king of gamblers, began to change her figure, becoming more and more fat, and her weight was constantly climbing. Her overweight figure made her even her normal walking look very difficult. < p > < p > before pregnancy, he Chaoying did not get fat. He inherited his parents’ high beauty, bright eyes and high nose bridge, which made him look very beautiful. Make complaints about pregnancy and pregnancy, making ho ho Ying no less because of his body and suffer from Tucao. However, he began to lose weight after giving birth to the baby. Recently, sun out their own weight loss before and after the exercise comparison, weight loss before and after the contrast effect is obvious, he Chaoying is equivalent to the loss of “half self”, so that many netizens can not help but sigh at his amazing perseverance and self-discipline ability. < / P > < p > in fact, he Chaoying said that his motivation to lose weight was purely from his own children, in order to have a more healthy body and accompany the children to grow up. < / P > < p > many Baoma pregnant women will be obese, a large part of the reason is because they eat a lot of rich and nutritious food during pregnancy, in order to make the fetus get adequate nutrition. < / P > < p > once you feel like eating something, you eat it, but you don’t control it. At the same time, you can’t do a lot of exercise due to pregnancy. After giving birth to a baby, Baoma’s body management, the first thing to do is to adjust her diet, control the amount of diet, and reduce the increased appetite and appetite due to pregnancy. < / P > < p > during pregnancy, it is not suitable to do strenuous exercise for the safety of the fetus and itself. After giving birth to a child, if Baoma wants to get a good figure, on the premise of controlling diet, she must also exercise to consume the fat accumulated during pregnancy, so as to recover her figure more quickly. < p > < p > sleep not only affects personal health, but also has an inseparable relationship with body shape. Sleep late and stay up late will lead to endocrine disorders, endocrine disorders, affect health. Secondly, it will damage the liver, which has the function of emulsifying and absorbing fat, leading to obesity. Therefore, if Baoma wants to recover her figure as soon as possible, she needs to go to bed early and get up early. < / P > < p > because many young couples have children, in order to better take care of the children and set a good example for their children, their work and rest become more and more regular, and their family life is getting better and better. The impact that children bring to a family and their parents is immeasurable. In other words, parents’ love for their children and the changes they are willing to make for their children are immeasurable. < p > < p > this is sister Lang’s parenting. You can find the most practical and meaningful parenting knowledge here. If you want to know more about parenting, please pay attention to us. If you like this article, please like it and share it with more people! 08/17/2020