He Chaoying, the gambling king’s daughter, became pregnant and became “half moon”. Now she dances “Zheng Duoyan” to accompany her children

Although the king of gamblers died, his family’s life has been exposed to the flash. Among them, Angie Liang and her children are the most popular. At that time, Liang’s daughter he Chaoying got married and gave birth to a daughter, which was regarded as “increasing weight” for family property. He Chaoying, who was pregnant when she got married, became “half a month” since she was pregnant, quite different from the beauty before. < p > < p > he Chaoying had a rich love history before, and finally fell in love with “Harvard talent” cinchillon. The king of gamblers was quite satisfied with the highly educated son-in-law, and his dowry was 1.4 billion yuan. < p > < p > in March 2019, he Chaoying announced his love affair with cinchillon, and freely revealed that he was pregnant for 3 months. In the “excessive ceremony”, on the one hand, Wang Chao’s dowry attracted people’s attention, on the other hand, he Chaoying’s figure. < p > < p > both pregnant, but can obviously feel he Chaoying’s body is more fat, and in the background of the dress, it is particularly “strong”. Her husband, cinchillon, became more and more emaciated and even felt that his clothes could not hold up. < p > < p > after giving birth to a daughter, he Chaoying was still very “huge” when he appeared on the camera, and the gap was too obvious with that before pregnancy. After his sister-in-law Xi Mengyao gave birth to a child, the contrast between the two was more obvious.

Xi Mengyao recovered well after birth, and he did not make complaints about his body shape, and he was still bloated. He was better than you later. < / P > < p > the comparison of this group was before and after weight loss, and netizens exclaimed, “which is who you are now?” “It’s crazy. I feel like I’ve lost half of myself.” what a inspirational mom < / P > < p > in the picture on the left, he Chaoying is bloated, his buttocks are sagging, his bucket waist is obvious, and he is following Zheng Duoyan to do aerobics. In the picture on the right, he Chaoying’s posture is light, and “width” is reduced by half. Doctors pointed out that six months after delivery is the best time for women to lose weight, but it is not recommended to carry out weight-loss plan during confinement. In order to avoid affecting the quality of breast-feeding, it is not recommended that Baoma take diet, strenuous exercise and other ways to lose weight, but to cooperate with diet adjustment and exercise to lose weight in a planned way. < / P > < p > 1) diet: to ensure balanced nutrition, not to lose weight and not to stick to meat, nor to become a “cow mother” and blindly eat greasy soup, which is prone to milk blockage. < / P > < p > eat meals on time, eat less sweets and fried foods, and drink less carbonated drinks. These high calorie foods must be shut up. If there is no special circumstances, should adhere to breastfeeding, is also an important way to lose weight. < / P > < p > weight loss can start from walking slowly, walking 1 to 2 times a day, walking two or three thousand steps each time, and then arrange the time according to the children’s situation, gradually increase the amount of tasks, and transition to fast walking. < p > < p > Baoma can choose one of her favorite sports and stick to it, such as walking, yoga and so on, which will make her more motivated and have a sense of achievement and lose weight with half the effort. < / P > < p > I am a candy mom, a learning and growing treasure mother. I focus on pregnancy and child care. If you want to raise a baby easily, don’t forget to pay attention to it. The candy mom team will answer questions about your parenting path= https://luanban.com/category/focus/page/2/ target=_ blank>Next