He looks like 29 at 50 because he eats it every day! Fleck is a natural cream.

Banji with cream and fruit, not only fresh and sweet, but also not greasy, the three are really a perfect match, eat to the mouth is not enough, in fact, kiwifruit Banji practice is very simple, like to eat sweets friends quickly learn.

Banji can be used with a lot of fruits. In general, there are durian pulp, mango pulp and pitaya pulp in the class halberd of a dessert shop. Recently, in autumn, many people’s skin is very dry. When I ran in the morning, I saw that although my aunt was 50 years old, she still looked like a 29 year old girl. After a few words with my aunt, I knew that she would eat kiwi fruit every day We put kiwi fruit in the Euphorbia officinalis. If we eat it often, we can not only lighten the spots, but also make the face ruddy.

kiwi fruit is also known as Kiwi fruit. Kiwi fruit contains a lot of vitamins and carbohydrates. The content of vitamin C, vitamin A and folic acid in kiwi fruit is relatively high. It is also a natural drug for lowering blood pressure, blood fat and cholesterol. Moreover, for women, vitamin C can help us whiten and delay aging.

: 45 g low gluten flour, 120 g milk, 1 egg, 7 g butter, 60 g cream, 1 kiwi fruit, 15 g sugar powder, 3 G green tea powder and 10 g white granulated sugar.

1. First of all, we need to prepare all the above ingredients. In the bowl, we need to put in an egg, put in 120 grams of milk, and mix well.

4. At this time, we need to prepare a pan. After the pan is heated, we pour the prepared batter into the pan thinly and spread the batter evenly into the pan.

6. Prepare a bowl. In the bowl, we need to add 60g of cream, then pour in 10g of white granulated sugar, and beat it with an electric mixer until it is dry and foamy.

7. Next, we spread the ice skin on the plate, then put the cream in the center of the crust, add kiwi fruit, cover with a layer of cream, and wrap it.

8. Put it on the plate and cut it in half, so that a fresh and sweet kiwi fruit Banji will be ready. We can enjoy our life with a cup of fruit tea or coffee.

2. Do not put oil in the pan when we pancake the skin. The oil will not only affect the taste, but also the surface of the cake skin will not be smooth. When frying, we need to use a small fire, otherwise the cake skin is very easy to paste.

3. When making cream, you must use a blender to stir, so as to have dry foaming effect. This is also one of the main steps of kiwi fruit Banji, so we must not ignore it.