[health] there is a kind of pain in summer called kidney stone pain

Xiao Wang, 15, was staying at home during the summer vacation. He didn’t like drinking water. When he was thirsty, he drank some Iced Milk Tea and iced cola. He often went out to eat some supper with his parents. Suddenly, one night, he felt a sharp pain in his waist. His parents rushed to our hospital for treatment. After examination, he found that it was caused by kidney stones falling into the ureter.

according to Yu Zhenwei, director of the emergency department, summer is a high incidence period for patients with kidney stones. The weather is hot and the human body sweats a lot, and the urine is easy to concentrate. If the drinking water is not enough, the crystalline substances in the urine are easy to separate out and form stones.

kidney stone is a common disease in urinary system. For patients with kidney stones, renal colic is a kind of pain that has to be said. It starts from the waist and radiates down the ureter to the bladder, and generally lasts for several minutes.

in addition to the symptoms of pain, kidney stones usually have symptoms such as hematuria, fever, cold sweat, and increased heart rate, which can lead to hydronephrosis and urinary tract infection. Long term development may even lead to uremia and life-threatening.

in summer, in order to quench thirst and relieve summer heat, people often drink ice milk tea, ice beer and other drinks, but rarely drink water. Too many additives in the drinks can easily increase the concentration of calcium ion in urine, oxalic acid content and urine acidity. The combined effect of the three increases the risk of stone disease.

in summer, people often have the habit of eating out late at night. Barbecue and beer are prone to produce too much uric acid, urea nitrogen and other metabolic wastes. If they go to sleep after eating, they are not excreted in time. In the long run, this will increase the burden on the kidney and induce kidney stones, nephritis and other diseases.

Yu Zhenwei reminded that how to choose the appropriate treatment method depends on the specific condition of the patient, and individualized treatment should be taken. Therefore, if you feel unwell, please go to a doctor in time. 08/16/2020