Healthy growth of mothers and infants in 2020

From September 19 to September 20, 2020, China’s healthy growth of mothers and infants, Wanlixing Science Lecture continued the public welfare trip. Wanlixing, together with Yili, jiabeiaite and Wyeth, joined hands with famous parenting experts and experts of the Committee of experts of China’s next generation working committee, Zhang Silai, Wu Jieling, pan Jian, Li Weijun and other four lecturers to practice the road of public welfare In Hangzhou, Dongguan, Nanning, Jiujiang, Ningbo five cities. For five cities of school-age parents to send scientific knowledge of parenting, loved by the majority of parents. < p > < p > on September 19, in Dongguan station, Wanlixing, together with jiabeite brand, and director Wu Jieling, brought a science popularization lecture on the theme for parents. Every parent hopes that their baby will be healthy and has three high IQ, EQ and RQ. However, the growth and development of the baby is no small matter. Let’s take a look at our basic clothing, food, housing and transportation. < p > < p > on September 19, in Nanning station, Wanlixing, together with jiabeite brand, and Dr. pan Jian, brought a science popularization lecture on the theme for parents, which explained in detail the importance of balanced diet in the next pregnancy, nutritional needs in different periods of pregnancy, dietary guidelines and dietary pagodas during pregnancy, so as to help pregnant mothers spend October pregnancy easily. < p > < p > on September 20, in Jiujiang station, Wanlixing, together with jiabeiet brand, and Professor Li Weijun, brought a science popularization lecture with the theme for parents to explain the laws of physical growth and development of their own babies, how to scientifically feed infants and how to feed Baobao of different ages. < p > < p > on September 20, in Hangzhou station, Wanlixing, together with Yili brand, joined hands with Professor Zhang Silai to give parents a lecture on science popularization. We all know that thinking power is the core of intelligence, and people’s innovative thinking can create many miracles. To a certain extent, the level of children’s intelligence directly depends on the level of thinking development. That is to say, the quality of thinking ability is the most specific manifestation of whether a person is smart or not, whether he will become a useful person in the future, and whether he has the spirit of innovation. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to cultivate their children’s thinking ability. Granny Zhang talked about many specific training methods and key points for attention in this lecture, which provided scientific guidance for novice parents. < p > < p > on September 20, Wanlixing, together with Wyeth brand, and Professor Zhang Silai, brought a popular science lecture on the theme for parents. In daily life, why does the baby always like to observe some unimportant little things, such as the thread of a sweater, the ants in the moving house, the millet dropped on the ground In fact, they are learning about this wonderful world through observation. Through observation, babies input the information they get into the brain. Through the brain, they constantly learn and think, and then repeatedly practice and experience. In this process, they know the world, know themselves, and improve their cognitive ability. Therefore, to cultivate a smart baby, an important step is to teach them how to observe. In the lecture, Mr. Zhang Silai explained in detail from different angles, and solved the parenting puzzles of parents one by one. < p > < p > the healthy growth of mothers and infants in China has gone through five years of offline popular science lectures. Dozens of caring enterprises such as Yili, jiabeiaite and Wyeth gave full support to the activity, and Sina parenting and other cooperative media carried out comprehensive reports. All parties have joined hands to offer a feast of popular science knowledge on maternal and infant health for the treasure mothers in China. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”