Healthy growth of mothers and infants in 2020

From October 17 to October 18, 2020, the healthy growth of mother and baby in China, Wanlixing science popularization lecture continued the journey of public welfare. Wanlixing, together with Yili, jiabeiaite and other caring units, joined hands with famous parenting experts and experts of the Committee of experts of China care for the next generation, Zhang Silai, Li Lihong, Gao Xueting and other three lecturers to practice the road of public welfare, and walked into Yantai and Changchun in two days Xi’an. For the three cities of school-age parents to send scientific knowledge of parenting, loved by the majority of parents. < p > < p > on October 17, Yantai Station, Wanlixing, together with Yili brand, joined hands with Professor Zhang Silai to give parents a lecture on science popularization. The power of thinking is the core of intelligence. People’s innovative thinking can create many miracles. The human conquest of nature and even the whole universe all twinkle with the brilliance of thinking. To a certain extent, the level of children’s intelligence directly depends on the level of thinking development. That is to say, the quality of thinking ability is the most specific manifestation of whether a person is smart or not, whether he will become a useful person in the future, and whether he has the spirit of innovation. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to cultivate their children’s thinking ability. Granny Zhang talked about many specific training methods and key points for attention in this lecture, which provided scientific guidance for novice parents. < p > < p > on October 17, in Changchun station, Wanlixing, together with jiabeiet brand, and Dr. Li Lihong, brought a science popularization lecture on the theme for parents, which explained in detail the prevention and treatment methods of various common diseases of babies, so that parents can no longer be helpless in the face of jaundice, eczema, abnormal stool and diarrhea. < p > < p > on October 18, in Xi’an railway station, Wanlixing, together with jiabeite brand, cooperated with Dr. Gao Xueting to give parents a popular science lecture on the theme, which solved the problem of parents how to arrange the reasonable movement of infants and young children, let parents understand that baby sports play an important regulatory role in nutrition absorption, and understand the significance of exercise on infant nervous system development. < p > < p > the healthy growth of mothers and infants in China has gone through five years of offline popular science lectures. Dozens of caring enterprises such as Yili, jiabeiaite and Wyeth gave full support to the activity, and Sina parenting and other cooperative media carried out comprehensive reports. All parties have joined hands to offer a feast of popular science knowledge on maternal and infant health for the treasure mothers in China. Focus