Healthy growth of mothers and infants in 2020

From October 31 to November 1, sponsored by the Research Center for children’s development of China’s caring for the next generation, the “2020 China’s healthy growth of mothers and infants” was jointly sponsored by the children’s development research center of China’s caring for the next generation working committee, together with Dr. Zhang Silai, a famous parenting expert in China, and Dr. Li Lan, deputy chief physician of Nanchong Shunqing District Maternal and child health care hospital, to bring three public science lectures to thousands of families in Changsha, Xiangtan and Nanchong in two days It has been strongly supported by Wyeth, Yili, jiabeiaite and other enterprises, as well as the full coverage of sina parenting and other cooperative media. Health of women and children is the cornerstone of national health. It is mentioned in healthy China that China will improve the level of maternal and child health from the source. In the past five years, Wanlixing has always been in the front line of maternal and child health science popularization. In the continuous propaganda and education, the concept of 1000 days in early life has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Parents’ attention to infants and young children has simply changed from the physical health development of children to the requirements of balanced development of children, and the science popularization courses have also been enriched and diversified. Dr. Zhang Silai gave lectures to parents in Changsha and Xiangtan, and Mr. Li Lan gave lectures to parents in Nanchong. The ability of thinking is the core of intelligence, and people’s innovative thinking can create many miracles. To a certain extent, the level of children’s intelligence directly depends on the level of thinking development. That is to say, the quality of thinking ability is the most specific manifestation of whether a person is smart or not, whether he will become a useful person in the future, and whether he has the spirit of innovation. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to cultivate their children’s thinking ability. In the lecture in Changsha, grandma Zhang talked about many specific training methods and key points for attention, providing scientific guidance for novice parents. Ye Shengtao, a famous educator, said: “education is to cultivate habits.”. British philosopher Francis Bacon said: “habit is a kind of tenacious and huge power, it can dominate life. Therefore, people should establish a good habit through education from an early age. ” What they said showed the importance of forming good behavior habits. How to use the unique learning methods of baby to help him establish good behavior habits and develop what kind of behavior we need? What behavior habits should be established in infancy? Why is it easy for some children to establish good behavior habits while others are very difficult? How to correct the bad behavior habits that the baby has developed? Dr. Zhang Silai gave a detailed explanation to the parents in Xiangtan, and received unanimous praise from Baoma. < / P > < p > “if you are pregnant, you should eat more. If you don’t eat, your child will have no nutrition!” Do you think it is more valuable for pregnant women to drink more fruit soup during pregnancy than for pregnant women? Starting from the problems faced by her mother during her pregnancy, Li Lan patiently and meticulously taught the family the solutions to the problems through explanation, interaction, question and answer, which was deeply loved by the two generations. < / P > < p > it is understood that in addition to lectures, there are also rich interactive activities and lucky draw gifts. In addition to enjoying the feast of knowledge, each participating family also took away rich gifts. CUISINE&HEALTH