Heart stents are no longer the only treatment for coronary artery stenosis. You have more options

In China, there are 542 cases of PCI per 1 million people in China, and with the coming of aging population, the demand for cardiac stent surgery will be increasing. For the people who accept stent surgery, many people have a certain psychological burden. When an external metal object enters the body, people will inevitably have some psychological scruples, which is difficult to accept. < p > < p > 3. Multiple stents can be placed in the implantation position: if the stent implantation position is narrowed again, in this narrow position, we can also re implant absorbable stent. < / P > < p > balloon stent: it is suitable for patients with small vessel disease, bifurcation disease and in stent restenosis. 1. The minimum diameter of traditional stent is 2.25 mm, but balloon stent can be selected for vascular lesions less than 2.25 mm. 2. When restenosis occurs in the stent, the original treatment can only cover the stent in the stent. As a result, the lumen becomes narrower and narrower. At this time, drug balloon is a good choice. 3. People with a high risk of bleeding and complicated heart vascular occlusion. Compared with traditional stents, absorbable stents do not need to be used again after degradation. Although stents have opened the narrow vessels, if atherosclerosis, hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia are not controlled, they may be blocked again. If you want to control the blockage fundamentally, you should learn to maintain the blood vessels. It is necessary to live a healthy life. In fact, we all know that the key is to stick to it. Focus