Heartache! The 13-year-old boy died accidentally by a badminton racket

The newly bought badminton racket suddenly broke and flew to Xiao Lei, a junior high school boy who was watching the battle without warning. Finally, Xiao Lei died due to ineffective rescue. Today, Mr. Lei, Xiao Lei’s father, said in an interview with the Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter that the broken badminton racket was bought by his children and classmates in the school supermarket for 25 yuan. It was only 20 minutes before and after the purchase and use. Mr. Lei told Chutian Metropolis Daily that he had two children. The eldest son, Xiao Lei, was 13 years old. This year, he had just been promoted to junior high school, and the youngest son was 11 years old and was in the fifth grade of primary school. The two children are clever and sensible, and their academic performance is also good, which makes him feel at ease when he works in Guangdong. However, all the good things come to an end on November 1. Mr. ray clearly remembers that November 1 is Sunday. At about 3:00 p.m., he also chatted with his son through wechat. At that time, Xiaolei told him that he was learning a gesture dance, and when he learned it, he would shoot it on his mobile phone for him and his wife. However, two hours later, the accident happened. At about 5:00 p.m., Xiao Lei and four other students went to the school supermarket and bought two sets of badminton rackets with a total price of 40 yuan and 25 yuan. Later, several children went to the playground to play doubles. After playing for a few minutes, Xiao Lei left the field and took a rest. Other students continued to play on the field. At about 5:40, a student’s racket broke suddenly, and the flying club hit Xiao Lei’s eyebrow bone. < p > < p > after the incident, Xiao Lei’s head teacher immediately contacted Mr. Lei, saying that the child was injured at school and asked him to rush to the hospital immediately. That night, Mr. Lei rushed back from Guangdong Province to Hunan Province. He met his son in the people’s Hospital of Jiahe County. Xiao Lei, lying in the intensive care unit because of his serious injury, had undergone two craniotomy operations. According to a diagnosis provided by Mr. Lei, Xiaolei had severe open craniocerebral injury, postoperative intracranial hemorrhage, brain swelling, cerebral hernia formation, and aspiration pneumonia. On the afternoon of November 2, Xiao Lei stopped breathing autonomously and fell into a deep coma. He got on the ventilator in the hospital. At that time, the doctor told Mr. Lei that there was little hope for the child to be rescued, and asked him to prepare himself psychologically. On November 8, Xiao Lei died of ineffective rescue. According to Mr. Lei, he checked the relevant monitoring video and found that soon after the children bought badminton rackets in the supermarket that day, one of the rackets was found to be loose. Therefore, the child had returned to the supermarket to replace it with a new one. But supermarket staff said there was no new, just with transparent glue, “the quality of badminton rackets directly led to children’s accidents.” < p > < p > according to the photos provided by Mr. Lei, the reporter of Chutian Metropolis Daily saw that the accident was an orange badminton racket, and the club part of the racket had been detached from the handle. Mr. Lei told reporters that the supermarket in the school is a chain supermarket, and the manufacturer of badminton rackets is an enterprise in Zhejiang Province. In the process of several parties’ coordination, the supermarket and the manufacturer suggested that he take the lawsuit. Before that, the headmaster of Jiahe County No.5 Middle School said in an interview with the media that after the incident, Jiahe County market supervision and Administration Bureau had inspected the rackets involved in the incident, and found a “qualified” tag in the product packaging. Finally, the market supervision and administration bureau did not make a conclusion that the products were unqualified. The headmaster also said that badminton rackets have been removed from the school supermarket. After the incident, the school, supermarket dealers, racket manufacturers and other family members of Lei Peng conducted two mediation, but they failed to reach an agreement because of the big differences in the demands of the two sides. Therefore, it is suggested that the family members should take judicial measures to solve the problem. This afternoon, a reporter from Chutian Metropolis Daily contacted the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Jiahe County. A staff member of the Bureau said that if you want to understand the process of the matter, you need to go to the county government. The reporter contacted the county government office, the relevant staff said that the incident was uniformly explained by the Publicity Department of the county Party committee. Later, the reporter contacted the Publicity Department of Jiahe County. A staff member said that they could not explain the matter to the public until the investigation was clear. After the investigation results came out, they would make a unified voice through the local media. Focus