Heartache! The top ten cancer experts in China died of lung cancer. How should cancer be prevented?

The incidence of cancer is regardless of ethnic group and class. In the past, many people thought that doctors knew how to avoid cancer. But in reality, doctors have cancer cases everywhere.

for example, last year, Dr. Zhang Zhenyu, director of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, died of lung cancer at the age of 55. Professor Zhang Zhenyu has been actively engaged in the cause of Obstetrics and gynecology in China. In the eyes of his colleagues, he is the “omnipotent” director Zhang and the “last line of defense” to solve various problems in the Department. In the eyes of students, he is a good teacher who is intelligent, humorous and tireless in answering questions. In the eyes of patients, he is “benevolent doctor”, which has rekindled many dark lights ……

so the incidence of cancer is not divided into different classes, occupations, and nobility. Cancer will only start from the physical factors of each person and the environmental factors that everyone has been exposed to in this life to gradually erode the human body.

Taking lung cancer as an example, many doctors will also suffer from this disease. Generally speaking, doctors have rich knowledge of diseases, and their awareness of cancer prevention should also be higher than that of ordinary people. Why do they know how to prevent cancer, but still can’t escape the claws of cancer?

Professor Shen Hongbing, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that lung cancer is the result of environmental and genetic factors. The genetic susceptibility of lung cancer makes some people susceptible, while others are less likely.

at present, six chromosomal variations in four chromosomal regions have been found in China, which are directly related to the occurrence of lung cancer. In other words, if you have this mutation in your body, you have a higher risk of lung cancer than other groups.

However, compared with environmental factors, genetic susceptibility is not the largest proportion of the disease. Lung cancer caused by external factors has a high incidence, but it is controllable.

there are 69 kinds of carcinogens in tobacco, and if you smoke for more than 20 years, the risk of lung cancer is hundreds of times higher than that of non-smokers. It sounds terrible, but compared to the immutability of genetic effects, as long as you quit smoking and avoid the stimulation of tobacco pollution, you can stay away from the source of disease.

if tobacco causes the majority of male lung cancer, then kitchen fume is a major “killer” of external factors of female lung cancer. High temperature lampblack, contains benzopyrene and other carcinogens, long-term persistent inhalation, for the lung injury is irreversible.

China’s incidence rate of lung cancer in Yunnan, for example, is high. It is found that local people have the habit of cooking in the house. When the ventilation system is improved in the kitchen, the incidence rate of local women is significantly reduced. Therefore, in view of the harm of lampblack, the most effective way is to improve ventilation conditions. If the kitchen is not near the window, you must install a range hood. If there is a window, you must open the window for ventilation when cooking.

in addition to lampblack, formaldehyde pollution of newly decorated houses is also a certain pathogenic factor. Therefore, newly decorated houses can not be moved in immediately. It is necessary to do a good job in removing formaldehyde and reduce formaldehyde concentration in order to ensure health. The other major indoor pollution element is radon pollution. Radon belongs to a kind of radioactive material. It is colorless and tasteless, and is continuously emitted from the ground. In addition, some stone materials and concrete walls in the house also have radon emission. Indoor air is not circulating, the concentration of radon will gradually gather, and the harm of radon to the lung is recognized by the World Health Organization as only Next to tobacco.

in addition to indoor factors, outdoor factors include industrial waste gas, automobile exhaust and other toxic and harmful substances produced in industrial activities, such as PM2.5 inhalable particles. These harmful substances in the environment are difficult for individuals to control, and prevention is the only way in daily life. Pay more attention to the air pollution index and avoid opening windows when the pollution is serious. In addition, wear masks when going out when the pollution is serious.

in addition, some occupational factors can also lead to lung cancer. For example, firefighters often go to and from the fire site, and the fire will produce a lot of toxic and harmful gases, long-term exposure to lung damage is obvious. Long term exposure to chemical plants, quarries, mines, construction sites and other dangerous environment, also easy to increase the risk of cancer.

to sum up, the best way to deal with external factors is to do a good job of prevention. One point of prevention can reduce one point of injury, and ten points of prevention can reduce ten points of injury.

clinical data show that the early symptoms of lung cancer are not obvious, and 70% – 80% of lung cancer patients are basically advanced when they are finally diagnosed. With the aggravation of the disease, the physical condition of lung cancer patients will continue to be obvious.

cough and even blood in sputum is the most common manifestation of advanced lung cancer. When cancer cells continue to erode the lung, due to the gradual expansion of the lesion, when it is compressed to the main trachea or bronchus, persistent and incurable cough will occur under stimulation. Because cancer cells continue to infiltrate the organs, it can be accompanied by bleeding.

when coughing, the symptoms of dyspnea often appear due to tumor compression to the trachea. If the tumor is longer and bigger, then dyspnea will gradually aggravate.

with the deepening of the disease, chest pain often occurs when the patient has hemoptysis. The nerve system is seriously disturbed by the tumor’s invasion of normal lung tissue.

it should be noted that the location of lung cancer directly affects the onset of symptoms. If the cancer cells are from the main trachea or bronchus, then cough and other diseases tend to appear relatively early; but if the cancer starts from the bronchial terminal or the edge of the lung, the symptoms will appear relatively late.

in addition to coughing and coughing up blood, patients are often accompanied by general symptoms such as loss of appetite and weight loss, and some severe patients will also have ascites.

early prevention of lung cancer is very important. Liang Naixin, deputy chief physician of thoracic surgery at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, said that if lung cancer can be diagnosed early, the 5-year survival rate will reach more than 90%.

therefore, in daily life, the public, especially those high-risk groups, must strengthen the awareness of early screening. At present, the most effective way of lung cancer early screening is low-dose spiral CT.

for example, some old smokers, people who are usually covered by cooking fumes, people who have long lived in polluted environment, people with family history and people with chronic lung disease should have low-dose spiral CT examination every year.

in a word, although the incidence of lung cancer is fierce, the key is to start with prevention. Smoking cessation, improving the ventilation of kitchen and indoor environment, and paying attention to the outdoor air pollution can effectively reduce the incidence of lung cancer. In addition, don’t hold a fluke mind, wantonly squander your life, when cancer comes, your bad habits are not innocent.