Heavy weight! Sina 2020 Early Childhood Education Summit

With the improvement of residents’ income level, the new generation of parents’ consumption concept changes, the market scale continues to expand, and the early childhood education industry has undergone structural transformation and entered a sustained and steady development stage. < / P > < p > an epidemic situation has made early childhood education brands perform the “song of ice and fire”: many early childhood education enterprises that mainly engage in offline courses have a sharp decrease in business income and are struggling in their business process. However, many early childhood education enterprises that mainly engage in Online products have gained more users and their total income has increased. Because of the increased time spent by parents and children in the epidemic situation, many parents have regained their “first intention of parenting”. < p > < p > earlier this year, the state began to prohibit “teaching primary school content in kindergartens ahead of time”. Parents who are accustomed to reporting various courses to their children and hope to “win in the starting line” are once again enveloped by anxiety. However, many parents have begun to learn to put down their anxiety and focus on their children’s thinking education, potential stimulation and artificial intelligence education. < p > < p > the entrance examination of sports art is a hot topic in the near future. Many experts believe that this will make parents aware of the importance of quality education subjects, effectively change the status quo that quality education has not been paid enough attention by parents before, and the related early education and training courses will also become the next outlet in the industry. With its extensive industry coverage and huge social influence, Sina parenting channel has become a large-scale and authoritative summit in the early childhood education industry, which is widely concerned by parents and the industry. Sina 2020 early childhood education summit, with the theme of “leading the new trend of the industry and opening up a new future of the industry”, brings together professionals such as early childhood education industry elites, early childhood education experts, enterprise founders and industry opinion leaders to discuss the new trend of early childhood education industry and look forward to the new future of early childhood education industry. < / P > < p > as in previous years, this early childhood education summit will also select and commend the outstanding figures and brand organizations of China’s early childhood education industry in 2020, and the selection scope will include maternal and infant, education, public welfare and other fields. Sina parenting is objective and neutral in the selection. All awards are selected by 100% of real users. Based on authoritative industry data and experts’ opinions, the final word-of-mouth list is obtained and a new trend of the industry is established. At that time, tens of millions of netizens will witness this glorious moment with us through live video! < p > < p > at present, Sina 2020 Early Childhood Education Summit cooperation has been officially launched. If you want to participate in the summit or award nomination, please contact: Mr. Lei / 62080479 < a href= https://luanban.com/cai-shaofen-stopped-pregnancy-for-the-first-time-the-4-indexes-on-the-b-ultrasound-sheet-in-the-early-pregnancy-were-used-to-see-whether-the-fetal-development-was-good-or-not/ target=_ blank>08/16/2020