Hebei Zhangjiakou City a kindergarten with stinky meat stuffing to do steamed stuffed bun? Official response

On November 10, the Publicity Department of Xuanhua District Committee of Zhangjiakou issued a news report, aiming at some parents of riverside kindergarten in Xuanhua District, which reflected the problems of fees and food safety. After receiving the feedback, Xuanhua district quickly set up a joint investigation team composed of the leaders in charge of the district government as the team leader, and the departments of education, market supervision, public security and health care Bureau, and settled in Binhe kindergarten. The preliminary investigation is as follows: < / P > < p > 1. As for the food safety problems in the canteen reflected by the parents, the law enforcement personnel of the District Market Supervision Bureau conducted on-site inspection of the food processing area and took three parents’ representatives to supervise the whole process. According to the investigation, 6 food employees in the canteen have obtained valid health certificates; food samples are kept and recorded for 48 hours in the food sample cabinet; the supplier’s qualification and relevant product certification documents have been provided for the procurement of food and its raw materials, and no spoilage food and raw materials are found in the on-site inspection. According to the preliminary investigation, the “rotten meat stuffing in the garbage bags” and the rotten dishes reflected by the parents were kitchen wastes cleaned up in the daily work of the canteen. According to the attendance record of the kindergarten on November 10, except for three children who asked for leave due to physical discomfort, all other children entered the kindergarten normally. (2) as for the problem of drug packaging bag found in the garbage bag by parents, parents reflected on the Internet found “gentamicin” packaging bag in the garbage bag. Public security personnel through the transfer of monitoring, identified as the canteen staff Wang took medicine packaging bags. Wang recently due to stomach pain to the clinic diagnosis of gastritis, bought “gentamicin” and other three drugs, November 7 began to take. On November 10, the drug was brought into the kindergarten and taken at 9:00 a.m. after taking the medicine, the medicine packaging bag was discarded to the canteen garbage can. It was not the canteen staff who added drugs to children’s food. (3) as for the problem of overcharging reflected by parents, Binhe kindergarten charged more than 900 yuan in advance, which is from October to December this year and half a month from January 2021. The fee will be refunded at the end of semester according to the actual attendance of children. Further investigation will be conducted on whether the kindergarten charges are illegal. In the next step, the investigation team will conduct further in-depth investigation on the problems reflected by parents, and release the investigation results to the society in a timely manner. Focus