Height less than one meter, the elderly maternal “porcelain doll” insisted on the risk of giving birth to a daughter, the comment area fried pot

I saw an interview film about the mother of “porcelain doll” risking to give birth to a daughter. Her name was Hu Lu. She was 35 years old at that time. She was already an old woman. There was a great risk of uncertainty in normal female childbirth. What’s more, her height was only 89 cm. She had congenital brittle bone disease, which is what we often call “porcelain doll”. Moreover, she was still covered with rare panda blood Once an accident occurs in the production process, the risk will be very large. However, this “porcelain doll” mother finally gave birth to a daughter regardless of her own safety. From pregnancy to childbirth, Hu Lu admitted that she had gone through one hell after another, and outsiders could not help sweating over her experience of pregnancy and childbirth. < p > < p > when she told the obstetricians and gynaecologists who were close to her about her pregnancy, the doctors strongly opposed it. They thought that it was impossible, the risk was very high, and there was a half chance that she would inherit her own disease, so she was not recommended to take the risk. However, according to Hu Luzi, she saw that B was overtime, and as a result, she was hit by the little life in the picture, She said she must keep the child. < p > < p > after she told her husband about her pregnancy, her husband, out of concern for his wife’s health, also tried to refuse the child. However, Hu Lu did not agree to do it rashly. She said that she was 35 years old, which was her last chance to be a mother. She was not willing to give up easily. Hu Lu thought that if she did not inherit her own brittle bone disease, she would stay, if not Fortunately inherited, then do not, in Hu Lu’s insistence, she went to do genetic testing. < / P > < p > the results showed that the fetus did not inherit her disease, but was a carrier, but would not get sick, which strengthened Hu Lu’s willingness to leave the child. With the growing size of the baby in her stomach, Hu Lu’s weight soared from 45 kg to 58 kg, which seriously oppressed the spine and internal organs. Fortunately, with Hu Lu’s strong strength and the assistance of the medical team behind her, Hu Lu gave birth The next healthy baby girl. < p > < p > the audience on the stage are listening to Hu Lu’s difficult process of giving birth to a daughter. Many people are even more convinced by her bravery when they are worried about her. Such a mother is really great, and such maternal love is rare in the world. She has fulfilled her mother’s wish with her own life, turning the small family of husband and wife into a happy family of three. < / P > < p > seeing that this interview film is very hot, I used to go straight to the comment area. However, the message in the comment area is completely different from the rhythm of the host in the interview film. We don’t agree that this is a great maternal love. Many people think it is a selfish maternal love. In order to fulfill their own mother’s dream, giving birth to a girl baby with the carrier is irresponsible to the child, and the child has grown up How to face the ridicule in the eyes of outsiders, how such parents can give their children a sound love, some people even think more long-term, and even said that the baby girl is a carrier. If she grows up, if she marries, it will cause secondary harm to other people in society. Generally speaking, the number of people wishing happiness is far less than that of critics. In the final analysis, this involves the qualification and rights of being a mother. When a mother is a natural right of every woman, no woman should be deprived of her own dream of motherhood. Many people undoubtedly agree with this statement. However, when there are preconditions for Hu Lu’s “porcelain doll”, people’s interpretation of this sentence is different. Hu Lu is also a woman. She also has the dream of being a mother. In the program, she confessed that she was 35 years old and finally got pregnant. If she didn’t want to, she might not be able to be a mother in her life. She was reluctant to give up. Especially when she saw the black-and-white life image of B-ultrasound, she was more determined to leave her children. All these thoughts are based on her role as one A woman’s instinct. However, she is not a fanatical idealist. She knows her poor physical condition, so even in the face of the common opposition of the doctor and her husband, she did not insist blindly without principle. She also rationally expressed that if the child has inherited his own disease after genetic testing, she will certainly not want and will not bring the child to the hospital If there is no heredity for suffering in this world, then I will certainly leave her. I am not qualified to deprive her of the right to come to this world. As a mother, it is easy to have children, but the key problem lies in how to give children the resources to grow up, including maternal love, material conditions for children, and a healthy environment for their children’s growth. Obviously, in Hu Lu’s family, this one has just emerged Baby girls will face more challenges than ordinary girls in the future. This potential risk can not be covered up by Hu Lu’s passionate and heroic words on the stage. This is a big objective problem. Objectively speaking, Hu Lu can’t take care of her children at all. Her husband is polio and needs to walk on crutches. Hu Lu laughs that a reporter once told her that her daughter may be the first three members of her family to learn how to walk and return to reality. Although Hu Lu said that she would give her children father’s and mother’s love like other ordinary parents, there was no slogan Law instead of specific action, they and their husband belong to the disabled. It is lucky that they can support each other. Taking care of children may be more than enough in life. Speaking of this, I think that many elderly couples who have lost their only child have to have test tube babies. What they get is still the opposition of public opinion, which basically focuses on the irresponsibility of their children. Therefore, to some extent, the family situation of Hulu is quite similar to that of the elderly families who lost their independence. Of course, difficulties and challenges do exist objectively After all, we are bystanders, unable to experience their state of mind. If we are the authorities, perhaps we can not be so rational and calm. There is a saying: don’t persuade others to be good without suffering from others. Perhaps it is also applicable here. Most of us can’t experience her suffering, so we can’t imagine her eagerness for children. As for the future of children, as spectators, maybe the voice of blessing can bring more kindness and warmth to their family than the voice of criticism We have no right to ask others to act according to their wishes. We all have the right to choose our own way of life. As strangers, a word of peace is our best response to the world. Pets