Helicobacter pylori “culprit” found, three kinds of fruit, advise you to pull into the “blacklist” as soon as possible

To say what is the most powerful bacteria, it is Helicobacter pylori. Compared with other bacteria, it can survive in the environment of strong gastric acid, and constantly damage the mucosa, occupy the whole stomach, causing very uncomfortable gastrointestinal diseases.

therefore, we should pay attention to protect the intestines and stomach at ordinary times to prevent the bacteria from invading into the intestines and stomach. The ideal preventive measure is to eat a reasonable diet, which is related to the choice of food. There are three kinds of fruits. We are advised to join the “blacklist” as soon as possible. It will not only not protect the intestines and stomach, but also make Helicobacter pylori have an opportunity to take advantage of.

kiwi fruit is popular among many people, but it contains a lot of pectin and vitamin C, so it can increase the secretion of gastric acid, have a great impact on the mucosa, and increase the burden of the gastrointestinal tract.

papaya is a major feature of summer fruits, but it is a cold fruit, especially for friends with bad stomach. It is better to control the food consumption, and not to eat it on an empty stomach, which is easy to hurt the stomach and cause diarrhea.

because Helicobacter pylori can parasitize in dental plaque, continuously mix and metabolize, and then through fermentation of metabolites, it emits a bad smell of acid rot, so even brushing teeth three times a day can not get a good relief.

Helicobacter pylori has the greatest impact on the gastrointestinal tract. When the gastric mucosa is constantly damaged, it will cause continuous pain in the upper abdomen, and may also have gastric distension after meals.

if you don’t have any of the above problems, Congratulations, your stomach is healthy. If the stomach is not good, at the same time infected with Helicobacter pylori, can be through the “one water” to conditioning.

in the early stage, four drugs were used to remove bacteria. In this process, most of the bacteria can be eliminated, but a few of them will survive, so as to hide in the stomach and continue to reproduce.

therefore, when combined with diet, it will play a role in killing bacteria and eliminating the pain of taking medicine. Prepare some clove leaves every day. After washing, add water and boil it. Drink 1-2 times a day to help remove Helicobacter pylori and eliminate halitosis. At the same time, the stomach will be grateful to you.

eugenol and clove oil in clove leaves have significant inhibitory effect on Helicobacter pylori. Adhere to drinking this kind of “sterilized water”, for Helicobacter pylori can play a good eradication effect.

3. Regular physical examination is also necessary, especially for people over 40 years old. They should pay more attention to whether they have Helicobacter pylori infection.