Henan experts suggest that Henan optimize the fertility policy and encourage people with higher education to have two children

In view of the severe aging problem faced by Henan Province, a large population province, Chen Donghui, a researcher at the Institute of social development, Henan Academy of Social Sciences, recently proposed at the “seminar on learning and implementing the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee” jointly held by Henan Academy of Social Sciences and Henan Daily newspaper group, suggesting that Henan should optimize the fertility policy and explore how to give more support to families with two children More incentive policies to encourage people with higher education to have a second child. < / P > < p > “due to the natural growth of population age and the continuous growth of average life expectancy, China will usher in the second shock of population aging from 2022 to 2035, and enter the period of the fastest growth of the elderly population.” Chen Donghui pointed out, “Henan is a province with a large population, and the aging problem is particularly prominent. By the end of 2019, there were 16.23 million people aged 60 years or above in Henan Province, accounting for 16.84% of the permanent residents, and 10.76 million people aged 65 and above, accounting for 11.16% of the permanent residents. It is estimated that by 2050, the population aged 60 or above in Henan will reach 32 million, accounting for 33%. The elderly population in Henan has a large base, fast growth rate, many disabled elderly people, and the trend of aging and empty nest is obvious. Therefore, the situation facing the problem of aging population is more severe. ” The first is to optimize the fertility policy. We should formulate a long-term population development plan, strengthen the publicity and education of eugenics and good parenting, guide married families to give birth to children in the best childbearing period of women, and ensure the quality of birth. We should reduce the cost of childbirth, parenting and education, explore more incentive policies for families that have two children, encourage people with higher education to have two children, and promote the long-term balanced development of the population. The second is to develop human resources for the aged. We should vigorously develop education and training for the elderly, establish an information database for the elderly, and encourage professionals in professional and technical fields to extend their working years. We should guide the elderly to reemployment and participate in social activities, and support healthy and skilled elderly talents to start their own businesses. The third is to promote the coordinated development of pension undertakings and pension industry. We should grasp the opportunities brought about by aging, develop the silver hair economy, enrich the business forms of pension services, promote the combination of medical care and nursing, health care and nursing, and support the integration and development of pension service industry and related industries. The fourth is to improve the pension service system. We should strengthen the construction of community elderly care service facilities, develop home-based community care services, improve the supply capacity and quality of elderly care services, and provide more convenient and accessible multi-level and diversified elderly care services. The fifth is to strengthen the construction of social system for the aged. We will establish and improve the system of statistical investigation and release of the elderly, the pension and medical insurance system, the social assistance system, the elderly guardianship system, and the classified management system of pension institutions, so as to provide a strong institutional guarantee for coping with the aging population. According to the previous report of the surging news, the population growth of Henan Province has been declining for three consecutive years and will continue to show a downward trend due to the continuous decrease of women of childbearing age and other factors. This issue has also attracted the attention of Wang Jianshu, deputy of Henan Provincial People’s Congress. During the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress of Henan Province this year, Wang Jianshu submitted a proposal calling for “formulating the population development strategy of Henan Province as soon as possible, and liberalizing fertility as soon as possible”. In response to Wang Jianshu’s suggestion, the Henan health commission replied in June this year that “the full liberalization of childbearing is a matter for the Party Central Committee and the national legislature, and it is necessary for the relevant departments of the state to comprehensively monitor and evaluate the implementation effect of the comprehensive two child policy, and then put forward suggestions to the Party Central Committee for further adjustment and improvement of the fertility policy. In accordance with the unified arrangement and deployment of relevant national departments, Henan Province will continue to implement the comprehensive two child policy and improve the supporting measures for the comprehensive two child policy, further strengthen population monitoring and situation analysis, further promote the research on fertility policy, and provide theoretical and data support for the decision-making of the party Central Committee and the national legislature. ” 08/16/2020