Her leg couldn’t move after cesarean section, and her ignorance made her miss the best chance of treatment

Xiao Zhang, 25, is a textile factory worker. The specific work is to check the product quality on the assembly line. She works every day, in addition to work. She has little social experience, so she is introverted. < / P > < p > gestational diabetes mellitus mainly occurs in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. At this time, fetal organs have been formed. Therefore, excessive sugar will have an impact on the fetus, which can lead to its overdevelopment, thus forming a huge fetus. After ultrasonic testing, Xiao Zhang’s baby is really big. < / P > < p > knowing that the baby is big and hard to give birth, Xiao Zhang also complains that his mother gives her too much food and always worries about the child’s lack of nutrition. Well, before the due date, the doctor talked with her about cesarean section. < / P > < p > unfortunately, this hospital did not carry out this project. Although painless childbirth is very good, but due to the lack of people in the anesthesia department of each hospital, there are few hospitals that can carry out painless childbirth. In general, there may be one or two hospitals in each city. < / P > < p > by the way, painless childbirth: professionally, it should be called labor analgesia. In other words, through certain drugs, technology or other methods to reduce labor pain. At present, it is generally recognized that the best effect is the spinal canal analgesia implemented by anesthesiologists for pregnant women, which is similar to the “semi anesthesia” that people think. < / P > < p > at this time, Xiao Zhang lying on the delivery bed has no room for regret. After a while, the midwife found that the fetal heart rate was abnormal. This suggests that severe pain may aggravate intrauterine hypoxia. So the midwife immediately reported the situation to the doctor. < / P > < p > when cesarean section comes, Xiao Zhang’s brain is all blank. In addition to her inner character, she could hardly understand and remember what the doctor said. In the anesthesia link, when the anesthesiologist told her about anesthesia, she couldn’t understand it. At that time, she didn’t even have the idea to figure it out. She just wanted to relieve the pain quickly. < / P > < p > no matter how busy they are, doctors will make clear the advantages and disadvantages of each medical treatment and patients. Only with the patient’s knowledge and consent can the medical operation be implemented. Although the cesarean section race against the clock, but the anesthesiologist and her roughly clear intraoperative lower body anesthesia and postoperative hours will return to normal consciousness. But Xiao Zhang didn’t take it to heart at all. < / P > < p > all say that overcoming the disease is the result of the joint efforts of both doctors and patients, and it is very important for patients to cooperate with doctors and give timely feedback. However, Xiao Zhang just ignored this point. In her heart, she was completely at ease with the doctor. Thinking: give yourself to the doctor, you don’t have to think about anything. < / P > < p > that’s the idea. One complication of anesthesia made her regret all her life. Originally, because Xiao Zhang has hepatitis, so the coagulation function is relatively poor. On the same day, due to the emergency of cesarean section, Xiao Zhang was put on the operating table before the examination results came out. In the process of anesthesia, there was no abnormality. But because the postoperative examination results confirmed that her coagulation was in a critical abnormal state, so there was an epidural hematoma. As the hematoma grew, her lower limb nerves were gradually compressed. So she didn’t call the doctor until the next morning when she found her leg was not moving. < / P > < p > after emergency consultation in the hospital, it was confirmed that it was caused by epidural hematoma compressing nerve. So, after communicating with Xiao Zhang and his family, the doctor pushed Xiao Zhang onto the operating table again. < / P > < p > after timely removal of hematoma, there was no nerve necrosis. However, due to the long time of ischemia, some nerve damage has been caused. Within 3 months after operation, Xiao Zhang could not walk independently. It was not until 7 months after the operation that her urine and feces were normal, but there was still numbness in part of her leg. < / P > < p > sum up afterwards, if Xiao Zhang could listen to the anesthesiologist’s explanation at that time, he found that his leg still could not move a few hours after the operation, and operated as soon as possible, the result might be different. Although epidural hematoma can’t be avoided completely, and it can’t avoid the second operation of opening the lumbar spine and removing the hematoma, at least removing the hematoma in time can reduce the neurological sequelae. < / P > < p > finally, I would like to remind you that the doctor is very busy and every word he says is very important. Must remember, must communicate more, can successfully overcome the disease! 08/16/2020