Hide in the side of the “collagen”, if you like, skin delicate and ruddy, wrinkles quietly disappear

Do you still think wrinkles only grow in old people? Will young people grow up? This is uncertain, in fact, the biggest reason for wrinkles is that the skin loses elasticity and becomes loose, so wrinkles will grow. < / P > < p > wrinkles do not necessarily appear because you are older, but also because your lifestyle causes skin aging and accelerates the growth of wrinkles. So it’s not just years old that makes you wrinkle. < / P > < p > skin care is more important than details. In life, small details can make you young, but early grow fine lines. Let’s see what small details will make you wrinkle! < / P > < p > do you apply isolation or sunscreen when you go out? The skin is exposed to the air for a long time, and the air contains a variety of tissues, which erode your skin barrier, damage your skin, cause skin oxidation, accelerate skin aging, and easily breed wrinkles. < / P > < p > when watching TV or resting, many people like to hold their face with their hands. This posture is wrong. First, when holding the face by hand, the skin will push upward and form upward pull, which will make the skin loose and wrinkle. The pressure on the hand will also decompose the collagen and elastin in the skin. < / P > < p > today’s electronic products are updated very quickly, especially mobile phones. Various kinds of patterns “emerge in endlessly”, and they spend more and more time playing with mobile phones. No matter what time, you can see that “low head people” are playing with mobile phones. If you keep your head down for a long time, your neck skin will continue to bend and wrinkles will appear more easily. < / P > < p > sleeping beauty sleep is not a fake thing. It really exists. During sleep, skin cells can get a rest time, and cells can renew and repair themselves. Lack of sleep will make the skin dark and dull, and the eye skin will droop, which will make wrinkles more easily. < / P > < p > squinting will shrink the skin around the eyes, resulting in wrinkles and more likely to appear crow’s feet. Therefore, when you are short-sighted, you must wear glasses to see things instead of narrowing your eyes. This will also become a habit, making wrinkles more and more old. < / P > < p > eye skin is very fragile. Rubbing the eyes back and forth will stretch the eye skin back and forth. When your skin lacks elastin and cannot maintain normal skin contraction, it will cause skin relaxation and wrinkles earlier. < / P > < p > in boiling water, selenium rich liquid peptide is put into the water, and the main reason for skin relaxation and no elasticity is the lack of collagen and elastin. The main supplement of selenium rich liquid peptide is this material, which can fundamentally solve the skin problems, make the skin elastic and tight in a short time, and add aminobutyric acid, which can protect the metabolism of the skin and make the skin precipitate pigment Can eliminate, let the skin transparent and white, can let the skin alleviate aging, reduce the growth of wrinkles. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!