High blood fat, face visible! If these phenomena appear on the face, it is suggested that blood lipid is elevated

Many people think that hyperlipidemia only occurs in the middle-aged and elderly. In fact, the living standard is very high and the diet is diversified, which leads to many obese people and many diseases, resulting in the occurrence of some diseases becoming younger and younger.

if the blood lipid level is high, it will affect the blood circulation and slow down the blood flow, which will affect the blood supply of the brain, and then affect the function of the brain.

because the brain is rich in blood vessels, brain tissues and nerves, which need blood to provide oxygen and nutrients, it needs sufficient blood supply.

blood fat is too thick, which slows down blood flow and affects the blood supply of brain tissues and nerves, resulting in numbness, which is also a phenomenon caused by high blood fat.

after observation, it is found that the changes of eye parts are obvious in people with high blood fat. Generally healthy people, eyelid is not yellow tumor phenomenon.

if the blood lipid is too high for a long time, it will slow down the blood flow speed, and it is easy to accumulate fat in the blood vessels around the eyes, which will form xanthoma locally in the long term.

most people’s earlobe is not easy to wrinkle, because first of all, there is no bone on the earlobe, and the flesh is relatively thick. If the body’s dyslipidemia is elevated, the blood supply to the ear will also be reduced, which will lead to wrinkles in the earlobe.

relevant studies have shown that if the earlobe is surrounded by elderly people, the probability of suffering from hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis will be higher than that of the elderly without wrinkles.

after careful observation, many people will find a gray white circle outside their black eyes after they are 50 years old. They think they have beautiful pupils, but they are actually cornea ring.

relevant medical data show that most middle-aged and elderly people with cerebral arteriosclerosis have senile rings. Therefore, the emergence of this, can not be underestimated, the elderly ring is a symbol of hyperlipidemia, but also a manifestation of atherosclerosis. PARRENT&CHILDREN