High blood pressure, calcium deficiency and salt weight related! Do drinks exceed the standard of salt? Come and collect salt reduction tips!

Recently, a 50 year old Ms. Yu suffered from osteoporosis and went to the hospital for advice on calcium supplement methods and misunderstandings. In the process of communication with doctors, she learned that the original cause of her body calcium loss is from decades of bad eating habits. Most importantly, this habit is found in many of her familiar friends. So she took a picture of a salt pot in the kitchen, with a sentence: “if you want to be healthy, you should be salt free!”

salt is one of the necessary nutrients for the body, but the amount of salt must be within the specified range. For example, the World Health Organization recommends that adults eat about 4-6 grams of salt a day. Proper amount of salt is good for the body, for example, sodium ions in salt can maintain the balance of ions in the body, and excessive sodium ions will destroy the balance in the body. Long term excessive intake of salt can not be ignored. For example, if you eat too much salt, the burden on your kidneys will increase. The kidney excretes sodium in excess salt with urine every day, and consumes about 26 mg of calcium for every 1000 mg of sodium excreted. If you excrete a lot of sodium, you will consume more calcium. Eventually it will lead to osteoporosis and other symptoms, for teenagers, it will affect the normal growth of bones. Middle aged people are prone to gastritis, peptic ulcer and hypertension.

according to elder sister Yu, in fact, when she cooks dishes in her daily life, she pays more attention to the amount of salt, but she has a habit of eating pickles when eating porridge, especially likes to make all kinds of meat sauces with strong taste. As I usually cook for my grandson at home, I often eat bread for breakfast. Note that these foods are high in salt. You should pay attention to reducing salt or no salt after eating them.

for example, in addition to salt, sodium in food additives can not be ignored in ham, sausage, salted duck egg, Songhua egg, soy sauce, sufu, bacon, bittern products, preserved fruit, preserved plum, preserved fruit, seaweed and various dried meat. Therefore, when eating processed food, try to cook without salt or low salt. It should be reminded that sodium additives are not only found in salty foods, but also in sweet drinks and biscuits. In the purchase of packaged food and beverage, pay attention to whether there is sodium bicarbonate, sodium benzoate, sodium citrate, etc. in the ingredient list.

do you have some eating habits mentioned in the above article? In addition, it is necessary to remind friends who often eat out and have more social intercourse, as well as young people who like to eat takeout, try to have “salt free meals” twice a week, which is more conducive to health. Of course, some people will say that “salt free meal” is very difficult to swallow and has no taste. In fact, this is a one-sided understanding. The so-called “salt free meal” can also be delicious.

first of all, choose natural foods, such as fruits and vegetables, to make delicious salt free fruits and vegetable salads, and try to stay away from processed foods. Secondly, the use of natural condiments, such as onion, ginger, garlic or pepper, seasoning, as well as vinegar, apple, grapefruit, tomato and so on. Finally, the cooking method of less oil is adopted to retain the original taste of the food materials. For example, steaming and stewing are very good. Pay attention to stir fry or mix stuffing, try to use less oyster sauce. Friends who like health care will always have some Chinese medicinal materials with the same source of medicine and food. In fact, some of them can also be used as seasoning. For example, Angelica sinensis, wolfberry, jujube, cinnamon, star anise, etc. 08/16/2020