High school entrance examination sports 100 points, Yunnan begins hearing!

Yunnan Province, the first province in China to raise the sports score of the high school entrance examination to 100 points, held a hearing in Kunming on the 28th to explain the detailed rules. < p > < p > on the same day, 13 hearing representatives, including deputies to the National People’s Congress, CPPCC members, students’ parents, middle school principals, physical education teachers, legal experts, coaches of the disabled swimming team, participated in the hearing and put forward their opinions and suggestions. It will be announced on a selective basis and will be implemented from the fall of 2020. Zhang Chunhua, deputy director of the Education Department of Yunnan Province, said that one of the highlights was a substantial increase in exam scores, with physical education directly increasing from 50 to 100. Second, the examination should pay more attention to the process and avoid “one examination determines the result”. The physical education in junior high school is adjusted from “one examination in three years” to “two tests in one year”. The third is to bring the results of students’ participation in sports competitions into the results of physical examination, encourage students to actively participate in various sports competitions, and guide students to learn one or two sports skills that will benefit them for life. < p > < p > in order to make it more scientific, the Education Department of Yunnan Province has carried out special investigation and skills test, and solicited opinions from the education and sports bureaus of 16 prefectures and cities, some junior high schools and colleges and universities, and held more than 30 seminars and argumentation meetings to conduct special demonstrations on the examination form, score distribution, test frequency, test content, treatment methods for special candidates, and converted scores of competition scores, After adjusting, modifying and improving the scheme combined with expert opinions, the scheme is finally formed. Next