High uric acid, the body will have three abnormalities, doctor: if you account for 1, you can not ignore the matter

Introduction: Nowadays, people have a great demand for food. While pursuing delicious food, they neglect their health. Many people like the combination of seafood and beer. What we eat is enjoyable, but it makes our uric acid higher. If this goes on like this, many patients will regret it. If uric acid is high, the body will have three abnormalities Take one. Don’t take it seriously. < / P > < p > low back pain, the first consideration is that the kidney is not good. In fact, the causes of poor kidney include uric acid value. The increase of uric acid in the body will lead to kidney dysfunction, resulting in low back acid. < / P > < p > if your uric acid is increased, it has caused abnormal urination, which indicates that it is already very serious. The abnormal urination is mainly reflected in two aspects: one is that the urine becomes deeper, and the other is that the night urine will increase. < / P > < p > lower extremity edema is also caused by uric acid. This is because the continuous increase of uric acid will reduce the metabolic capacity of the kidney, resulting in edema, and in the later stage, it will also lead to edema of the whole body. < / P > < p > Gardenia jasminoides Ellis: Gardenia jasminoides is a common food material, which can play a stable effect, and has the effects of detumescence, detoxification, acid excretion, and can promote the excretion and excretion of kidney. Cichorium intybus: the bitter element in Cichorium intybus L. can play an anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, detoxification effect, can quickly excrete uric acid, at the same time can alleviate fatigue, help to improve energy. < p > < p > mulberry leaf: mulberry leaf is also a kind of food material for excreting acid. At the same time, it can promote the functional recovery of the kidney, make the kidney stronger, and be conducive to the metabolism, detoxification and garbage discharge of the body. < / P > < p > although these ingredients are very common, they need to be matched in proportion. Therefore, you may as well choose the prepared tea bag, which saves the effort of your own collocation, and the effect is also very good! Next