HIPP Xibao cooperates with CIQ to trace the source code online

In recent years, cross-border e-commerce has developed rapidly. The high cost-effective shopping mode of “Haitao” has become one of the important choices of Baoma and baopa who favor imported milk powder. However, parents’ eagerness to ensure the safety of products through official verification has also attracted much attention to the traceability of cross-border products. < / P > < p > for Baoma and baopa, it is the key to buy safe and reassuring products for the baby. HIPP Xibao and CCIC jointly released HIPP Xibao Dutch cross-border milk powder traceability system, which comprehensively, clearly and transparently presents the product traceability information to consumers, realizes the whole process fidelity of supply chain and provides safety guarantee for products. As long as you sweep the source code on the bottom of the can, the traceability information that Bao’s parents care about is in front of them, so they can buy milk powder more easily. HIPP Xibao, an organic infant food brand with the largest retail sales in the world, is “hand in hand” with China Inspection and Certification Group. Relying on the professional qualification system with international credibility of China Inspection and inspection group, HIPP Xibao Dutch version of all stages of cross-border milk powder products are equipped with the traceability code of CIQ. The source code is verified by the official channel, providing a visual supply chain process. < / P > < p > through the “one can, one code” traceable source label, CCIC of China National Inspection and inspection group customized a “digital ID card” for each product, used professional data acquisition equipment to track the whole process of commodity information, and realized the whole process traceability and supervision of products in logistics and trade links through flow management, consumer inquiry and channel inspection. As long as consumers scan the source code at the bottom of milk powder cans, they can clearly know the origin, port of departure, port of arrival and shelf life of the products. < / P > < p > the traceability product is HIPP Xibao Netherlands version of probiotics series infant formula milk powder, which is one of the popular products loved by mothers. There is no additional sucrose in the milk powder, and the main product is “Shuangyi formula”. The combination of probiotics and prebiotics can help your baby’s belly feel comfortable; vitamin C and D can help support normal immune function; the formula also contains many beneficial elements such as omega-3 / 6, DHA and ARA, which are beneficial to the development of baby’s eyes and brain. Mr. Stefan HIPP Xibao, the fourth generation successor of the HIPP family, has lived on his own farm since childhood. He is both a business manager and an agricultural expert. HIPP Xibao’s emphasis on product purity and safety is reflected in the podagi farm in Poland, which he operates and manages. The farm does not use chemicals such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Animals and plants grow in accordance with the laws and methods of nature. The cattle are fed in a natural way, and the calves naturally grow up to 8 months beside the cow mother; the farmland implements rotation system, and clover is planted during the rest period to help the soil maintain fertility; if there are pests and weeds, they will be removed by natural ecological chain and artificial methods. < / P > < p > on November 2, 2020, from 13:00 to 15:00 p.m., HIPP Xibao will carry out live broadcast in “HIPP Xibao overseas flagship store” of tmall global. In view of consumers’ concerns about traceability and fidelity, relevant responsible persons of HIPP Xibao brand will have “face-to-face” communication with baomabao dads. During the live broadcast, hot gift benefits including Scooters and cradle worth 1999 yuan will be given out! HIPP Xibao hopes that with the help of this live broadcast, it can explain the use and principle of CCIC source code in more detail, so that parents can feel more at ease. HEALTHY LIFE