Honey can moisten lung? There’s a better way to keep your lungs clean and moist

Introduction: when the weather is dry, I feel my chest blocked when I take a breath. I can’t help coughing. It may be that the lung is too dry, and we protested. Lung is responsible for propaganda, which means that the lungs bear the heavy responsibility of breathing. The lungs are moist and smooth, and they can breathe and breathe freely. If the lungs are blocked, we will feel that there is insufficient oxygen in the body and the chest is very stuffy. < / P > < p > it’s not good to go out without a mask in haze weather. The haze contains organic carbon, ammonium and other components, which are not friendly to the lungs. Moreover, these ingredients can stay in the atmosphere for a long time. If you don’t wear a mask, you will inhale these harmful substances at any time. Therefore, you should always look at the weather forecast. When you go out in a haze day, remember to wear a mask and not inhale too much harmful air. < / P > < p > the substances in tobacco are not good for our health. We all know that in addition to cigarettes, this kind of smoke will also be found when baking on the barbecue stand. If we inhale too much, it will damage our lungs and cause more lung problems. < / P > < p > although fried food is delicious, it is easy to get fat after eating too much. It can also make us get angry and the throat will be uncomfortable, like blocking. There are also some harmful substances left in them, which can damage the lungs and make them no longer healthy. So fry food to eat less, easy to get on fire had better give up them. < / P > < p > as we all know, lampblack, cigarette and haze are harmful to lung health, and it is not good for the lung to be inhaled. So when cooking, you should remember to turn on the range hood. When you go out in haze, you should wear a mask and stay away from second-hand smoke. Those who like smoking should also give up smoking for health. Go to places with fresh air and inhale fresh oxygen, which can also clean the lungs. < / P > < p > do more aerobic exercises, such as yoga, swimming, jogging, Taijiquan, etc. every day is the best. In this way, you can inhale a lot of air in the exercise every day, turn it into oxygen to moisten the lungs, improve the vitality of the lungs, expel the accumulated toxins and garbage in the lungs, and make the lungs healthier. < / P > < p > white food enters the lung, so we can eat more white food on weekdays, such as cabbage, white radish, pear and snow lotus fruit, which can moisten the lung and clear the lung, and make our lungs more comfortable. < / P > < p > if you want to clear the lung and moisten the lung, diet therapy is the most appropriate way. There are many lung friendly ingredients. It is mentioned in the article: “fat sea, chrysanthemum, Siraitia grosvenorii, orange, gardenia and other ingredients have the effect of clearing lung and detoxifying, moistening lung and relieving cough.” To explain the homology of medicine and food, it is to match them together. As long as the dosage is appropriate and the proportion is correct, we can make our lungs more unobstructed. Traditional Chinese medicine snacks mentioned the role of these ingredients: < / P > < p > pangdahai: it can clear lung heat, detoxify and defecate, promote the throat and moisten the intestines. It is very effective for people with lung heat cough, gingival swelling and pain, sore throat, chronic constipation and hoarseness. < p > < p > Siraitia grosvenorii: it has the effect of relieving cough, moistening lung, relieving thirst and promoting fluid production. It is very friendly to people who are easy to get on fire, have low ability of detoxification, need to protect liver, raise lung and clear intestines. < / P > < p > these ingredients have their own functions. Only when they are properly used can they be turned into tea for moistening and clearing lung. Of course, you can also directly choose a good proportion of Yangfei tea, one cup a day, Qingfei, Yangfei is not a problem. Conclusion: honey can moisten the lung? There’s a better way to keep your lungs clean and moist. Keep your lungs well. In the dry and cold season, we won’t be found by coughing. Our lungs are unobstructed and we can breathe more freely. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!