Honey is better than antibiotics in treating cold and cough

Honey may be better than antibiotics to relieve symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections such as coughing, a new UK study suggests. The researchers recommend honey as an option for treating upper respiratory tract infections. < p > < p > according to cable day, researchers from Oxford University School of medicine and nafield School of primary health care analyzed the results of 14 previous studies and found that honey is more effective than commonly used treatments such as over-the-counter antibiotics to relieve the overall symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection and reduce the frequency and degree of cough. Nine of the 14 studies involved only children. < p > < p > the researchers wrote in a paper published by: “honey is more effective than conventional treatments in relieving symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections. Honey is available everywhere and cheap. It can be an option in addition to antibiotics. It can help reduce the resistance of bacteria and viruses in the human body to antibiotics… ” The British public health authorities have repeatedly warned of the dangers of antibiotic abuse, saying that antibiotic resistance could lead to the risk of millions of operations. Upper respiratory tract infection is referred to as Shanggan, which generally refers to acute inflammation of nasal cavity, pharynx or larynx, including common cold, viral pharyngitis, laryngitis and other diseases. The narrow sense of Shanggan is the common cold. 08/16/2020