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But in fact, it’s not as easy as you think. They need amazing amounts of exercise every day, and you can’t control your diet as much as they do. However, before the competition, these competitors need to go through the process of cutting off carbon and water, reducing subcutaneous fat and emptying subcutaneous water to meet the requirements of the competition. In short, intermittent running is a kind of running training mode, which is to stop and rest after running for a period, and improve physical fitness through alternating circulation of high heart rate and low heart rate. < / P > < p > for people who want to lose fat, interval running is a very efficient way to exercise. Compared with low-intensity aerobic, many fitness professionals choose interval running mainly because it has obvious advantages: < / P > < p > exercise consumption and training intensity are directly proportional, the fast running stage of intermittent running can make the heart rate reach 80% – 90% of the maximum heart rate, and effectively improve the heat consumption. < / P > < p > when running intermittently, you can adjust the running speed, distance and time according to your own situation, run fast for a period of time to improve efficiency, and then recover physical fitness through a period of slow running. < p > < p > running at the same time can also break through the physical bottleneck in daily training and play a positive role in strength training. It should be noted that intermittent running requires far more physical fitness and cardiopulmonary function than jogging, and it is recommended to do it after basic training of continuous jogging for a period of time. CUISINE&HEALTH