Hot dog swimming business in Shanghai

With the temperature rising, a pet shop in Shanghai has launched a swimming program to provide a new place for pets to escape the heat. Recently, the reporter visited a pet paradise in Shanghai.

Tang Tang, the director of the pet park, said that bringing dogs to swim can not only release the dog’s physical strength, but also prevent the dog from getting heatstroke. It’s a hot day in Shanghai. The park with reservation system will be full every weekend. Generally, more than 20 dogs will enter the park

Ms. Wang has raised a border herder named “Elk”, which is the second time that she has brought “Elk” to visit. She said with a smile that she used to watch American dramas at home in the past on hot days. Now she takes “moose” out for swimming, which just gives her a reason to go out for relaxation.

according to Tang and Tang Dynasties, in addition to the swimming pool, there are ocean ball pools, 500 square meters of grassland and training area for dogs to have fun. She said that in Shanghai, there are few places where dogs can run to their heart’s content. “Dogs can not only come to swim, but also run and enjoy themselves.”

Tang Tang told reporters that there are three main types of dogs to play with. One is golden haired and Labrador dogs, which like to play with water; the second is dogs with joint problems. While ensuring enough exercise, swimming will not create too much pressure on the joints of these dogs; and the third is dogs that need to lose weight.