Hot summer, how to give your baby scientific sunscreen? How to deal with sunburn?

Our parents all know that the baby basks in the sun more, can promote the absorption of calcium, but in the hot summer, how should the baby bask in the sun scientifically to prevent sunburn?

the necessity of baby sunscreen Baby’s skin is delicate and smooth, and it is particularly comfortable to touch. This is because the baby’s skin is much thinner than that of adults, mainly because the cuticle is much thinner, and the cuticle is the first barrier of skin sunscreen, which can reflect and absorb ultraviolet rays. The thinner the cuticle is, the more ultraviolet rays enter the deep layer of skin, the more serious the damage is. Excessive sun exposure can cause skin sunburn and growth It can also cause pigment increase, immune dysfunction, skin aging and skin cancer in the future. In addition, the baby often plays outdoors, and the exposure time of ultraviolet radiation is longer than that of adults. The damage of ultraviolet radiation has a cumulative effect. The longer the time, the more serious the damage to the skin, so the sun protection of baby is more important than that of adults.

the most important thing is to reduce the exposure time. Our outdoor activities should avoid the time from 10 am to 4 PM as far as possible, because this period of time has the strongest ultraviolet radiation.

when you have to move in the sun, you must wear a wide brimmed sun hat; wear long sleeve clothes; you’d better choose an environment where the sun can’t be direct, such as under the eaves, trees, umbrellas, etc., to avoid direct exposure to the sun.

3. Proper selection of clothes can also reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays. All clothes have the function of sunscreen, but the effect of sunscreen varies greatly with different colors and fabrics. In terms of color, red is the most able to prevent ultraviolet rays, because red has the longest wavelength, the widest absorption spectrum and the most sunscreen; dark clothes have lighter sunscreen, and white is the worst color. In terms of fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics have the strongest ability to reflect ultraviolet rays, among which polyester fabrics are stronger than acrylic fabrics; among natural fabrics, flax has better sunscreen effect than cotton silk. Loose clothes increase the air flow between the clothes and the skin, make the sweat evaporate more easily, and the skin is more dry. Dry skin has stronger sun protection function than wet skin. Therefore, it is very necessary to buy some loose linen clothes for the baby in summer.

4. Eating more sunscreen food can also help your baby reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays. Food rich in vitamin C is preferred. Vitamin C is “eternal beauty saint”, it can resist oxidation and whiten. It is rich in tomato, kiwi fruit, strawberry and orange. Secondly, soybean products are rich in phytoestrogens, have a strong antioxidant effect, can also more reduce UV, drink more water. Let the baby’s skin fully moisturize, better maintain the baby’s skin barrier function, the skin’s sunscreen ability will be stronger.

6. Choose the right sunscreen. Sunscreen products can be divided into physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen according to their ingredients. The former is mainly titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. A large number of foreign studies have shown that these two ingredients will not penetrate into the skin and are very safe; the latter has many ingredients, mainly using chemical components to absorb ultraviolet rays and convert them into heat energy or molecular vibration. Many products nowadays are mostly synthetic products containing both. Therefore, the higher the sun protection index, the more physical or chemical sunscreen ingredients contained in the sunscreen. When absorbing or reflecting ultraviolet rays, the greater the skin irritation. Therefore, it is necessary to make a comprehensive selection according to the baby’s time out, the intensity of the sun and the place to play.

it is generally believed that sunscreen is OK for babies over 6 months old, but we did not have exact data six months ago on whether to use sunscreen. Before applying sunscreen, be sure to use it 30 minutes in advance. Apply a little on the inner side of the child’s arm and the root behind the ear. If there is no abnormal reaction, continue to use it. Keep away from the eyes and mouth of the child. If your child is outdoors for more than 2 hours, it is best to reapply the sunscreen because sweating will reduce the effectiveness of the sunscreen. Even the waterproof and sweat proof sunscreen needs to be reapplied after the child is sweating a lot.

in the sun, even if the baby’s skin just turns pink, it shows that the injury has begun quietly. Because the symptoms of sunburn usually appear in the evening or the next morning.

1. The baby with mild sunburn appears erythema with clear boundary in the sun exposed area within 3-5 hours after sun exposure. The nasal tip, forehead and cheek may be exfoliated. Erythema has a slight burning, tingling feeling. The symptoms of sunburn usually reach the peak in 12-24 hours. Response: if the baby has a slight sunburn, first drink more water to replenish the lost water. Secondly, wet compress the wound with a cold towel to replenish skin moisture, reduce skin temperature and reduce skin burns; try bathing him or using moisturizing products. Bathing cools the skin and calms the mood, while moisturizing products moisturize dry skin.

2. Edema, blisters, pain is very obvious. If the foot is sunburnt, the skin of the foot may be swollen. When the area of sunburn is large, there may be chills, fever, headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and other systemic symptoms. Response: go to the hospital in time. If you are not sure that you can handle your baby’s skin, you should also see a doctor in time and use anti allergy lotion for external application instead of using other ointment at random. Also do not use vegetable oil, because the sun may sweat more, skin water shortage, vegetable oil is not only useless, but may cause damage to form pigment spots.