How about 20 kg improvement in one month? Master must have two methods!

It is necessary to have a large weight, but also full of muscle; it is necessary to push the chest fully, but also to have clear lines and outline of the chest muscles. Why can some small partners practice it, but you have been unable to move forward? If you want to train your chest quickly, don’t miss any details, including arch back. < / P > < p > in the process of bench press, we can see that many of them will arch their back very hard. The reason for this is directly related to the power lift competition. Before we talk about whether we should do hard back arches when doing bench press, we should ask ourselves a simple question: what is your training goal? < / P > < p > if the goal is to build as many muscles as possible to improve your body. As Kay Green said, “it’s not about weight, weight can be considered later. If it is to increase strength, strength lift and bench press is a great sport, which needs a lot of time to train. < p > < p > we can see that some strength lifters do the limit arch bridge when they push horizontally, which is a way to shorten the range of barbell movement. During the competition, the barbell must touch the chest and be at rest before the player pushes the barbell to its starting position. < / P > < p > it is much more difficult to do a full range of movements on the bench press than to stop when the elbow is at a 90 degree angle. No doubt all strength lifters know that tightening the shoulder blades will reduce the range of treadmill push. Therefore, if the athletes put their back on the bench, they can lift more weight. < p > < p > flat back on the bench can also make the trainer more able to recruit triceps and deltoid anterior bundle. In terms of function, although the chest muscles of strength lifters are not as developed as bodybuilders, they can mobilize more triceps and shoulder muscles to push up more weight. This also makes strength lifters perform better than bodybuilders in low frequency and high weight or 1RM. However, the amount and form of the increase are different from that of the bodybuilding type. In order to avoid a lot of weight training, most of the athletes use different forms of strength training, except for many times of treadmill training. The frequency range of each group is usually 6 or less. < / P > < p > even the Best Bodybuilders need to recruit fast muscle fibers. These muscle fibers help us push up heavy weights in fewer movements, making the muscles look as hard as stone. However, in order to achieve optimal muscle growth, both fast and slow muscle fibers need to be recruited. < / P > < p > in the push form of strength lift, putting the foot in front of the body can reduce the degree of back arch. However, it allows the feet to form a solid side with the ground. This increases the weight of the trapezius and the driving force of the leg. Leg drive is the activity of the lower body. There are two different ways to do it by pedaling. The first force is to push the foot tightly, which will tighten the leg. The transfer of power results in a higher arch in the lower back and a higher chest position, and a tighter position means more weight to lift. < / P > < p > the second practice of leg drive will have a wait until the push command begins, and then full leg drive. In other words, push the whole body forward to create an effect of “pushing the whole body forward” by “relaxing” the barbell. < / P > < p > this method is a bit risky because it needs to be relaxed and then tightened. Support keeping the whole body and core tight during any iron lift can reduce the risk of injury. < / P > < p > in horizontal push and all iron lifting movements, a completely different kinetic mechanics is required. The mechanics of power lift doesn’t help you build muscles like those found in bodybuilders. Although strength lifters also have muscles, if they only do strength lift, they will find that muscle type, hardness, fullness and overall density are significantly different from those of bodybuilders. < / P > < p > if doing bodybuilding bench push, lean your back on the bench as much as possible. There can be a small, natural arch bridge at the waist, but in order to maximize the muscle fiber of the target muscle group, the back can not be as high as the power lift and bench push. < / P > < p > one of the reasons is that the horizontal push needs to do the whole stroke of action to collect more muscle fibers. Its stimulation for muscle augmentation is far beyond what can be provided by part of the journey, and can stimulate the target muscle groups of the whole journey, in this case, the pectoralis major muscle. < / P > < p > when the barbell is fully lowered into the chest, the muscle fibers of the pectoralis major are felt to stretch, where the pectoralis major connects the biceps brachii and deltoids. Use mind to move the barbell by focusing on the chest muscles to move the barbell, contract the pectoralis major upward, and continue to focus on the chest muscles. < p > < p > considering the mechanical principle of the horizontal push, no matter how focused on isolated chest muscle, the triceps brachii and deltoid will be used to complete the push action. However, they have been recruited far less than in the form of force lift and bench press. < / P > < p > here’s a trick that allows you to stay safe during the full range of bench press – whether it’s fitness or strength lift. When the barbell is completely lowered to the chest, the following methods can be added: < / P > < p > don’t relax, put the load directly down on the chest. On the contrary, the latissimus dorsi exerts force, and the feeling is to pull the barbell down. When the barbell is down, keep the chest straight and the arm should not extend more than 45 degrees. This is the angle at which the shoulder can be injured. If the elbows and arms extend more than 45 degrees and are more inclined to be perpendicular to the trunk, this puts a lot of pressure on the shoulder and rotator cuff muscles. < / P > < p > for bodybuilding, a higher frequency range is preferred most of the time. This is because the higher frequency range forces more blood into muscle cells and forces the body to collect more muscle fibers; power lifts use only a fraction of their total muscle fibers to complete several weight lifts. Most of these fibers are fast muscle fibers. < / P > < p > when the number of times in a group increases to 8-12, more muscle fibers will be mobilized and recruited. When some muscles begin to feel tired, the body begins to use other fibers in the muscle group to perform a set of actions. The whole process makes the muscle cells congest, stretch the fascia, and expand the overall circumference of the muscle. < / P > < p > when resting and recovering, the muscle fibers will be over recovered and ready to bear the same amount of stress and stimulation in the next round of training. Get stronger, bigger, more endurance. The result is bigger, fuller and better looking. < / P > < p > if the horizontal push is purposeful, such as participating in or planning to participate in a strength lift competition, the limit arch can be accepted; if the goal is muscle aesthetics, fitness and fitness, give up the limit arch bridge, use the above bodybuilding type of horizontal push, and complete a group more times. < / P > < p > each way of lifting iron has its own mechanism and purpose. It is worthy of our serious treatment and respect to choose to invest time and energy to master. 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