How attractive is the figure curve of a girl who insists on strength fitness for a long time?

More and more girls go to fitness training, no longer just aerobic exercise, but will join strength training. Their pursuit of body shape is not only about losing weight, they also hope that they can cultivate a good-looking figure curve, such as: with a small waist and buttocks, which is the most attractive and sexy figure curve! < / P > < p > girls with sexy body curves can not only have golden figure, but also make your charm and sexy index soar. How many boys should be fascinated. < / P > < p > the girl in the first photo shows her figure at different ages. Before did not know how to pay attention to the figure curve her figure has no aesthetic feeling. But later insisted on the fitness, not only on-line appearance, but also developed the bee waist and buttocks that most people envy, making the body more compact and strong. Although her weight base has increased after the fitness, it will not affect her figure at all. < / P > < p > the second picture is a Baoma mother who gave birth to a baby. After giving birth to her baby, the fat on her waist and abdomen is very prominent. Not only is the waist and abdomen fat prominent, but also her figure is out of shape. Her flat buttocks and figure have no curve to speak of. < p > < p > later, she started to keep fit, insisted on strength training, and spent three years improving her figure. Although the weight has been maintained, but the figure has a very big change, training bee waist and buttocks, take off the appearance of obesity. Now she has become a beautiful woman and a fitness coach, with a lot of fans. < / P > < p > this is the charm of a girl who insists on strength training. It is far from enough for girls to pursue a slim figure. The sign of a good figure is to have an S-shaped figure, a waistcoat line, a hips and so on, which is a good figure. < / P > < p > only by adding resistance training can you build a good-looking figure curve. Only by persisting in strength training can you cultivate a girl’s body with bee waist and buttocks, and you will have unlimited charm. < / P > < p > because most of them are afraid to do strength training, to become a muscle woman, to become a Kumgang Barbie, and to be considered masculine, even less aesthetic. However, it is not so easy to train into a muscular figure, and ordinary girls also have no way to achieve it. < / P > < p > it has taken a few years for a girl to have a beehive waist and buttocks, so it will take longer and more difficult to become a King Kong Barbie figure. < / P > < p > if you don’t maintain high-intensity training, coupled with a low-fat, high protein diet, and high testosterone levels, you won’t be able to do it for 10 years. < / P > < p > therefore, girls can rest assured that strength training will not make you become a muscle girl, but help you control muscle loss, build a tight body curve, and make your body more attractive. 08/16/2020