How big is the gap before and after birth? Three pictures reveal the greatness of women

My colleague finally went back to work two months after she got her son. Although her skin condition and dressing style have changed a lot, I can feel that her whole temperament has become mature. < p > < p > when talking about my baby, her eyes were shining: “my mother said that I was ugly after giving birth, but as soon as I saw my son, I was happy from the bottom of my heart, and the smile on my face couldn’t be suppressed!” Recently, a group of women before and after giving birth to a baby became popular on the Internet. Looking into the story behind it, we can’t help but sigh: being a mother is just, a baby can turn a mother into a completely different person. Mother is so great! < / P > < p > these groups of pictures show the changes of women’s face, figure and temperament before and after pregnancy. While lamenting that their complexion is getting worse and their figure is out of shape, the mature knowledge of mothers shows us their unique maternal brilliance. Every realistic and sad picture reveals the power of maternal love to us. Before giving birth to her baby, this mother was a cute girl with big eyes, bright skin and charming smile. The eyes after the birth of a baby are not like before, but they are full of love for the baby. < / P > < p > the originally lovely lying silkworm is buried by dark circles and pouch, which is the trace left by staying up late to take care of the baby. The skin became a little waxy yellow and didn’t look very well. < / P > < p > this mother’s nimble figure before giving birth to her baby is envied by many people. Her appearance is slightly reduced and her figure is out of shape due to her pregnancy. Now she is a little fat, but overall she is still healthy. < / P > < p > like my colleagues, although this mother looks a little worse, she radiates maternal brilliance from the inside out. The hard work of life has smoothed her fresh temperament, but the mothers have been reborn from the spiritual level. < / P > < p > it is not easy for a mother to give birth to a baby, so my father should be more tolerant during this period. In order to let Baoma return to “meimeimeida” state before pregnancy as soon as possible, postpartum nursing is indispensable. A lot of little white father is anxious: I also have a baby for the first time, don’t know how to care! < / P > < p > many mothers hold their stomachs and ask, “is there any help?” Of course, it can be saved, but Baoma’s self-discipline and family supervision are indispensable. Postpartum breastfeeding can help Baoma consume a lot of fat, which is one of the simplest and effective ways. Attention to postpartum diet and exercise can not be ignored. Drink warm water after delivery, expel toxins from the body, accelerate metabolism, and help improve skin quality. Diet should not be spicy and greasy, otherwise it is not conducive to the recovery of young skin. < p > < p > although Baoma consumed a lot of physical energy after childbirth, she could not overeat. Eating less and more meals was the best way. Practice postpartum yoga can promote uterine contraction and body recovery, and the father should actively accompany Baoma to participate in yoga courses! Depression is the biggest enemy of postpartum. Bao Ma, who expressed her emotions on her face, frowned tightly for a long time, resulting in loose skin and wrinkles. Hiding unhappiness in the heart is more serious, often in a low state will lead to endocrine disorders, manifested in the appearance is crazy acne, greasy dark skin. < / P > < p > don’t put too much pressure on your father. Don’t feel like “it’s so hard, I can’t do it”… I’m busy with my work and heavy pressure. But as the closest person to Baoma, my father-in-law should strive to become an understanding audience during this period. < / P > < p > the damage to organs caused by pregnancy is irreversible, but the pressure of postpartum life is also the main reason why many mothers are no longer attractive. For example, staying up late to take care of the baby leads to skin deterioration and endocrine disorders. At this time, fathers should play a good role in sharing the pressure. In addition, the husband, as an intermediary, should dredge the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Many women in the workplace glow, feel their own value here, hope to return to the workplace after childbirth, so who will take care of the children? You need help from your family. CUISINE&HEALTH