How can ability thin leg? Just 3 moves, plus patience, I’m afraid you can’t do it!

How can ability thin leg? Many people, especially female friends, may want to know the answer, and it is better to have a “standard answer”, just follow it.

first of all, pour cold water on a friend who has such an idea: because everyone’s situation is different, there is no absolute or universal exercise plan. You can directly let people follow suit, and you can lose weight or thin legs smoothly.

the method of reducing legs provided by yuxingjun is not so much a “method” as a “train of thought”. That is to say, there is no problem with the general direction, and the specific plan for the movement of thin legs has to be formulated according to your own situation.

first, excessive fat accumulates in the legs. In fact, as long as the body weight and body fat rate exceed the standard, leg thickness can be basically sure to be caused by excessive fat accumulation. Compared with men, women’s buttocks and legs are more likely to accumulate fat, belonging to the “disaster area”.

tips: many people mistakenly think that the leg muscles are hard, which means that the muscles are strong and are “good muscles”. On the contrary, such a muscle state belongs to “bad muscle” or “unhealthy muscle state”. Normal and healthy muscles should be soft and elastic when they are relaxed, and hard when they contract to produce strong explosive force and muscle strength, and show better endurance.

what to do? For the first factor “excessive fat accumulation in the legs”, we can take long-term aerobic exercise to alleviate and eliminate. The second factor, “leg muscle stiffness,” will be addressed in method 3.

any aerobic exercise, such as aerobics, running, rowing, spinning, rope skipping, etc., can achieve the goal of reducing body fat rate and weight loss, and of course, it can also reduce leg weight.
the speed is relatively slow compared with the waist and the abdomen, but the effect is not obvious. Therefore, those who want to lose weight need to be prepared for long-term aerobic exercise. At least 40 to 60 minutes of aerobic exercise 3 to 5 times a week.

so, how long does it take to adhere to the “long term” of aerobic exercise? There is no uniform standard. In experience, it should be more than six months, or even one or two years, to achieve the ideal effect of thin legs.

our body shape is the result of the body’s long-term adaptation to “the way we use the body.”. Eat more and move less, you will be fat. Long term adherence to aerobic exercise will tend to be slim, lean, light and slender. If you pay attention to the figure of the long-distance runner or the long-distance runner in life, you can get the confirmation.

hip and leg strength training? Yes, you’re right. In most people’s cognition, hip and leg strength training should let the legs be thick, how can it be beneficial to thin legs?

first of all, worrying that leg strength training will make the legs thick is groundless. In the gym, it is very long and difficult for men who have been doing strenuous strength training for many years to make their legs thicker, not to mention ordinary people who only do hip and leg strength training occasionally.

especially for women, the level of testosterone is only one twentieth to one tenth of that of men. With the current amount of women’s general strength training input in China’s gyms, it’s just a dream to want thick legs. Therefore, women can safely carry out hip and leg strength training.

secondly, strength training consumes a lot of heat, especially the strength training of buttocks and legs. After strength training, half an hour of aerobic exercise can effectively burn fat.

third, strength training with the method of “light weight, multiple groups, multiple times and short intervals” can not only make the muscles of buttocks and legs firm and tight, but also help to consume fat, which is very beneficial to shaping the muscle lines of legs.

tips: female friends can observe those women who don’t exercise at ordinary times. If they are thin, they will inevitably feel strong and strong. Not only does not have the feminine physique beauty, the limb muscle also because of the lack of exercise and relaxation, even sagging, let alone what line or curve beauty. The older and thinner women who don’t exercise, the more serious the situation will be.

first, at the end of each exercise, especially after training that involves more lower limb movements, such as after long-distance running and hip and leg strength training, a light and small amount of leg stretching should be carried out immediately. This helps to relax the lower limbs and eliminate fatigue.

second, on the next day or after the exercise, when the delayed muscle soreness still exists, the individual and greater strength of hip and leg stretching can help relieve the pain, promote the recovery of hip and leg muscles, eliminate the muscle stiffness, make the muscle more elastic, and form and maintain a good line) Wait for exercise.

yoga, Pilates, Yijinjing and other physical exercises include a large number of hip and leg stretching movements. If you can adhere to aerobic exercise at the same time, with this exercise, also conducive to shaping the hip and leg lines, improve the flexibility and flexibility of muscles and joints. At the same time, from the type of exercise, this kind of exercise itself belongs to aerobic exercise, which is conducive to reduce fat and thin legs.

it can be said for sure that thin legs as thin as bamboo rods are not only not good-looking, but also harmful to health. Aerobic athletes do not do hip and leg strength training, leg muscles are weak, for the protection of lower limb joints will be weak, for the knee and ankle joints are not conducive. Strength trainers do not do hip and leg strength training, the overall strength level will be limited, because the source of human strength, a large part of the legs. The muscular upper body and the delicate lower limbs have lost their balance and beauty. Of course, people who never exercise, have a pair of thin legs, more aesthetic. In addition to the lack of flexibility and line sense of leg muscles, as well as stiffness and other issues, the beauty of legs is also related to the overall coordination of the body. Those with abdominal obesity have slender limbs, no aesthetic feeling, and there are huge health risks. If you want to lose weight, you can understand at least two things:

the method of losing weight is very simple, just do more aerobic exercise, but you have to have enough patience, at least half a year, but it is likely to get the desired results after a year or two. Focus