How can you have a clear waistline without first understanding the characteristics of abdominal fat?

With the gradual attention to the management of body shape, more and more people begin to enter the gym, and want to achieve the effect of slimming and shaping through fitness. The beauty of thin for girls has been gradually replaced by us, replaced by the body full of line sense and with body curve. < / P > < p > among the body parts, no one is more attractive than the vest line. The body with the waistline is also regarded as the best state of good body. Moreover, girls with clear waistline will stand out from the crowd at any time, which makes people envious. < / P > < p > however, the status quo of modern women’s bodies is that other parts are OK. There is a thick layer of fat around the abdomen. Even if the weight is not large, there is still abdominal fat, even if there is no shadow of vest line. This is closely related to the long-term sitting posture, work and living conditions. Sitting for a long time will make our abdominal muscles flabby and weak, and the blood circulation around the abdomen It gets worse, making it easier for fat to accumulate. < / P > < p > abdominal fat itself belongs to stubborn fat, which is easy to accumulate and does not like to decompose. Therefore, the figure mentioned above will appear. In this case, how to reduce abdominal fat and have vest line becomes very urgent. Next, I will follow the fitness coach to understand how to eliminate abdominal fat and have vest line! < / P > < p > the internal organs of the body are distributed around the abdomen, and the viscera belong to smooth muscle. The ability of this kind of muscle to resist fat accumulation is very poor, and even hope to accumulate more fat. This is because the fat of fat is not only the storage form of residual heat, but also can buffer the impact of the outside on the body and the effect of heat preservation and shock absorption. These functions are needed by viscera. < / P > < p > in particular, our lower abdomen is an important organ of the human body, so in order to better protect these organs, we will give priority to storing fat here, and we will start to use and decompose the fat after other body fat is exhausted. Blood supply is insufficient and the flow rate is slow. Blood is an important carrier for fat decomposition and release in vitro. Slow blood flow will also make abdominal fat difficult to decompose. < / P > < p > after understanding the characteristics of abdominal fat, do you think that the body with waistline is the most precious and sexy at the same time, which requires more efforts. However, if we use the relatively correct method, stubborn fat is more likely to be consumed by us. < / P > < p > many people think that increasing the abdominal muscle mass will reduce the surrounding fat, so a large number of people will carry out a lot of abdominal training, which will have some effect, but the efficiency is very low, we should choose to improve the body adrenaline more exercise. There are two kinds of adrenergic receptors in fat, α – adrenoceptor and β – adrenoceptor. The combination of β – adrenoceptor and catechol causes fat decomposition, while α – adrenoceptor has the function of inhibiting fat decomposition, so it can bind with the latter without consuming fat. < / P > < p > stubborn fat contains a large number of α – adrenoceptors, so the fat is not easy to decompose, which has no direct relationship with the content of abdominal muscles. The best way is to mobilize the body’s adrenaline secretion as much as possible, so as to make as much as possible to combine the β – adrenoceptor and decompose the stubborn fat. < / P > < p > then what kind of exercise has the greatest impact on the improvement of adrenal hormone? The answer is high-intensity intermittent training, so if you have less fat in other parts and some fat in your abdomen, if you want to have vest line, it is better to do some high-intensity intermittent training directly. < / P > < p > next, we recommend a group of simple high-intensity intermittent training movements, which can effectively reduce the stubborn fat around the body abdomen, and effectively shape the waistline: < / P > < p > the above actions can be based on the training and rest time ratio of 1:2, that is, the training time is 30 seconds, the rest is 60 seconds, and the time control is completed in 10 minutes The better, you can adjust the proportion as much as possible and replace it with more intense exercise. < / P > < p > of course, after the fat around your abdomen is reduced, you still need to do some targeted abdominal training, which will make our waistcoat line clearer. However, if there is still more fat around our abdomen, targeted abdominal training is not as good as high-intensity intermittent training to consume fat. There is no difference between good and bad training, just depends on your body At what stage. HEALTHY LIFE