How dare you say that! PDD: after the operation in the hospital, I lost 20 jin directly, not like an adult

If you want to talk about the hero League live broadcast, it must be PDD. Maybe many viewers also know that after PDD started, they had a long rest, and the reason given was that they needed surgery for physical reasons. Now several months have passed, and the operation of PDD is very successful. Just recently, PDD has been discharged from the hospital and started live broadcasting at home. In this live broadcast about him in the hospital, let’s see what he said. < / P > < p > PDD: when I just came out of the hospital after the operation, I was described as thin as an adult. When I just came out of the hospital after the operation, I was thin as an adult. At this stage, I had to make up a lot. When I came out of the hospital after the operation, I lost 25 Jin. Without any exercise, I just lost 25 Jin Why, direct 25 Jin did not, no liposuction, is to do surgery will be thin, I do not know why is thin. I started from the day of the operation to the day when I finished the operation. I didn’t eat anything except drinking water. All the nutritional supplies were infused into my body through infusion. I didn’t eat anything and didn’t eat anything. < / P > < p > it can be seen that PDD surgery in the hospital is still very hard. Fortunately, there is no major event this time, and the operation is also very successful. PDD should not stay up late in the future. After all, his body needs rest. Skip to content