How did the ancients use contraception? The fourth method is very human. Only the emperor can use it

Since the birth of mankind, the most important thing in the society is to reproduce, which is accomplished by men and women. With the development of social civilization, human beings have a certain planning for the number of future generations, such as the previous two-child policy, which requires that we should not be over born. In order to implement the two-child policy, we should take certain measures under the condition of harmonious life between husband and wife. Nowadays, with the development of society, we can use Sheung Wan, ligation, or condoms. < / P > < p > but in the case of ancient scientific and technological innovation and underdeveloped medicine, what methods did the ancients want to use contraception? Some people here will ask that the ancients did not specify the number of children to be born, and it was not against the law to have more or less children. Moreover, the ancients paid attention to inheriting their families. The more children they had, the better. In fact, this view is one-sided. In the feudal dynasty, where women’s social status was generally low, there were many women who did not have the right to be pregnant, such as the women in the brothel and the women in the emperor’s harem. Their basic right to be pregnant was strictly limited. < / P > < p > so without the support of modern contraceptive technology, how did ancient women use contraception? There are about four common methods, most of which are cruel. Only the fourth method is more humane, but only the emperor can enjoy it. In terms of contraceptive effect is not as good as today’s contraceptive technology, let’s learn about it. < / P > < p > the first way is very similar to today’s condom, but it is not so clean in terms of hygiene. This kind of condom is made of animal intestines. Wash them and dry them in the air. Tie one end with a rope during use, and it becomes the first level condom. < / P > < p > but few people use this method, perhaps because of psychological effect, or because in the ancient patriarchal society, men do not need active contraception, they prefer to use women to contraception. Therefore, in ancient times, the use rate of casing for contraception was very low. < / P > < p > the second method is very harmful to women. Mercury is used for contraception. How is it implemented? It is through women drinking tea with mercury that women lose their ability to conceive. The harm of mercury contraception to women is very great, because Mercury is a heavy metal substance, containing highly toxic ingredients, it can kill the fetus or make women irregular menstruation, long-term use will cause women to lose fertility. < / P > < p > generally, most women who take mercury contraception have a low status, such as brothel women, they can’t be pregnant, otherwise they will lose their value. In order to make money, owners of brothels, regardless of women’s health, cheat them into drinking this contraceptive drug. In fact, most of the time, it’s mercury. It is worth noting that drinking mercury for a long time will lead to death, so many women with low status, such as brothel women, generally do not live long. Part of the reason may be related to mercury. < / P > < p > the third way of contraception is similar to the second way, which is also the use of drugs, but the drugs used are not as deadly and cruel as mercury. For example, the use of musk this drug, paste on the female navel can achieve contraceptive effect. However, this method is not very common, generally through the smell of musk, or take tea containing musk ingredients, leading to female abortion or infertility, but the success rate of this method is not guaranteed, can only have a general. < / P > < p > the fourth ancient female contraceptive method is a little special, generally used in the women around the emperor. As is known to all, the emperor attached great importance to reproduction, and at the same time, he also attached great importance to the timing and objects of reproduction. Generally, women with low status are not easy to conceive dragon seed even if they have a relationship with the emperor. This is because the emperor attaches great importance to the pregnant object and will consider whether to let her have children. < p > < p > after the Imperial Palace has the special technique of abdominal massage, if the emperor does not want her to get pregnant. At the same time, this contraceptive method is also very humane and pays attention to the protection of women’s body, but the success rate is low. At the same time, it also requires that the woman’s status is relatively high, and she must be a person around the emperor, so it can only be used under the order of the emperor. In fact, there were not only four contraceptive methods in ancient China, but also many other methods. But these four methods are typical, and the rest of them are more or less similar, only the contraceptive materials have changed. Focus