How did the name “amniotic fluid” come from? It’s an ancient saying. It’s really about sheep

Zidan has been pregnant for 7 months. Before the birth examination, everything was normal, but the results of the latest prenatal examination were not very good. The report shows that the amniotic fluid is too little, which may affect the development of the fetus.

Zi Dan was worried about such examination results. He was very careful at ordinary times for fear of fetal problems. He did not expect such a situation now.

the doctor asked Zidan to drink more water, and Zidan was also very obedient. As long as he remembered the incident, he went to drink water. Ten days later, Zidan went for a review, and the amount of amniotic fluid increased, but it still failed to meet the standard.

Zi Dan’s husband was also worried. He called his mother to ask if she had any good ways. At the same time, he also asked a question: How did the name amniotic fluid come from? Is it about sheep? If there is a relationship, eat more mutton or drink mutton soup, can you make the amount of amniotic fluid increase?

Zidan’s husband’s question made his mother laugh. Although the name “amniotic fluid” has something to do with sheep, it has nothing to do with eating mutton or drinking mutton soup.

in fact, the name of amniotic fluid has existed since ancient times, but many people don’t know why it is called “amniotic fluid”, which is mainly related to the following three points.

in the past, medical technology was not as developed as it is now, and medical equipment was not as advanced as it is now. At that time, “amnion” was used as a medical tool. When a baby was born, it would be wrapped with a membrane, which looked like the intestines of sheep. Therefore, it was called “amniotic membrane”, and the “water” wrapped in amniotic membrane was also called “amniotic fluid”.

in ancient times, sheep represented auspiciousness and beauty, which had a very good meaning, and also had the meaning of nourishing. Therefore, people called the water that nourishes the fetus as amniotic fluid, which means amniotic fluid nurtured the fetus, which is also a good blessing to the fetus.

some people think that “Yang” and “Yang” have the same pronunciation, and “Yang” has the meaning of hope and new life, so they have the name “amniotic fluid”. However, this statement is not completely correct and needs to be further studied.

when amniotic fluid was just formed, the main component was fetal baby’s plasma. After the middle and late stages, amniotic fluid contained a large amount of baby’s urine, as well as some fetal fat, fetal hair, fetal secretions, etc.

when a pregnant woman approaches the expected delivery period, the total amount of amniotic fluid is about 800-1000 ml. amniotic fluid is not “a pool of stagnant water”, but will be constantly updated to provide a more healthy development environment for the fetus and baby.

although the fetus usually defecate and discharge urine and urine in amniotic fluid, amniotic fluid is very clean and can also play an antibacterial role.

before delivery, the maternal will have “broken water”. In the process of amniotic fluid flowing out, it will flush the birth canal and wash off some bacteria, which can greatly reduce the risk of bacterial infection in the baby.

when the baby starts, the mother will break the water. Even if the mother chooses to have a cesarean section and does not take the initiative to break the water, the doctor will also break the membrane artificially. Amniotic fluid flow out, can play a lubricating effect, will make the process of maternal delivery more smooth.

the baby can also feel the outside temperature in the mother’s stomach. Amniotic fluid can “control the temperature”. When it is cold, it can make the baby feel warm. When it is too hot, it can make the baby feel cool. Amniotic fluid can provide a comfortable environment for the baby to develop better.

in a word, amniotic fluid is very important for the fetus. After pregnancy, the pregnant mother should go to the hospital for delivery examination on time. Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, they should know their amniotic fluid quality in time. If the amniotic fluid is too little or the quality of amniotic fluid is relatively poor, we should follow the doctor’s advice for targeted treatment, otherwise the fetus is likely to have problems.

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