How do tumors happen in our bodies?

Everyone has cancer suppressor genes in their bodies, and they are inevitably exposed to carcinogenic factors in daily life. The immune system in the body will try to keep balance, kill sporadic bacteria and cancer cells, and maintain the health of the human body’s internal environment. < / P > < p > once this balance is broken, cancer cells may be produced. For example, tumor suppressor genes are weakened, or cancer cells will grow like weeds after long-term exposure to carcinogenic factors. < / P > < p > this kind of early growth rate has fast and slow, and the slow development can give us the opportunity to seize it. Through the detection of various equipment, we can screen out early cancer and eradicate the root. After being stimulated by tobacco toxin for a long time, the cells on the surface of the bronchial mucosa of his left lower lung developed cancerous and grew at a relatively slow rate. In two and a half years, he developed from a 3 mm micro nodule to a 1.1 cm lung squamous cell carcinoma. From a cancer cell to a mass, different patients have different speed, which is related to the pathological type, differentiation degree and activity of tumor. For example, early lung adenocarcinoma often grows slowly, which takes several years, decades or even decades, while small cell lung cancer and some mucinous adenocarcinoma can grow faster. < / P > < p > this is a peripheral adenocarcinoma of the lung. It took 7 years to grow from a ground glass nodule of 5mm to 2.7cm! This type of lung cancer can be detected and cured by regular physical examination! In a year, this small cell lung cancer patient developed into a large nodule of nearly 3 cm. Therefore, Professor Huang from Shandong Cancer Hospital concluded that lung adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are almost impossible to appear within one year; almost all lung cancers that appear within one year are small cell lung cancer. < / P > < p > this is a case of lung adenocarcinoma in the literature. From a very shallow ground glass shadow, it has progressed to nearly 4 cm in half a year, which is good. Because the reexamination is relatively timely, surgical resection has been performed. The cancer cells of mucinous adenocarcinoma are loose and easy to fall off, and can produce a lot of mucus free. The cancer cells that fall off can float around with the mucus and germinate on the ground like swimming. < p > < p > we should keep away from carcinogenic factors and develop healthy living habits, including smoking cessation and alcohol restriction, increasing the proportion of fruits and vegetables intake, keeping away from air pollution, staying up less and exercising more. < / P > < p > human cells also have temperaments. If you treat them well, they will keep stable; if you often stimulate them with carcinogenic factors, they may fight against you and join the camp of cancer cells. < / P > < p > therefore, in addition to the above positive factors, there is also a very important one. We should pay attention to the physical examination, especially for the middle-aged and elderly people, because many cancers have no symptoms in the early stage, but they can be cured if they are found in time! PARRENT&CHILDREN