How do wrinkles and dark circles form!

Hello, good morning, everyone! A few days ago, there was a private letter from fans. Let me talk about how to choose products for dark circles and fine lines around the eyes? Let’s talk about the formation of fine lines and dark circles first? Long term life in dry, skin itself belongs to dry water shortage state or excessive use of eyes, are the culprits of fine lines appear! Therefore, maintenance must be carried out as early as possible. When there is no problem with the face, it is necessary to prevent it, especially the maintenance of the eyes. It can be started from the age of 20. How to choose the eye cream? Xiaobian according to their own experience in the industry for so many years, share three for your reference! < / P > < p > its main ingredients are caviar, plant extract antioxidant, tripeptide anti-aging, caffeine to eliminate edema, which contains avocado, can moisturize for anti-aging, the effect is good, overall, the price is high! < / P > < p > this eye cream is mainly anti wrinkle and anti-aging. It contains Apple stem cell ingredients. It is moisturizing, easy to push and easy to absorb! Slightly with the smell of traditional Chinese medicine, it has obvious effect on dry lines. After applying it for about 1 hour, you can feel moistening and relieve dry lines. It is also a lady’s eye cream with high cost performance! 08/16/2020