How does diabetic enter “bitter summer”? Note: these five things should be resisted

In the hot summer, even if the metabolism is still in progress, metabolism is vigorous, if you do strenuous exercise will increase the body’s use of glucose, a large number of heat consumption in the body, resulting in hypoglycemia. Keeping moderate exercise is good, but we should also understand the risks behind strenuous exercise, and try to choose mild moderate exercise such as walking, Taijiquan or yoga. Do not do strenuous exercise, such as brisk walking, jogging and swimming. Exercise must monitor blood sugar, at the same time make a record, carry candy or sugary drinks, in case of need.

in dog days, the weather is hot and humid, which often leads to loss of appetite, dizziness and general weakness. Therefore, some diabetic patients have irregular meals three times a day, overeating and starving, prolonging the eating time or fasting for no reason, and get very little glucose from food. There are also some patients do not eat the main meal, eat vegetables and fruits casually, especially watermelon, which will sharply increase blood sugar, because watermelon can be quickly decomposed, so it is easy to produce hypoglycemia after decomposition, which makes blood sugar suddenly high and low, and more prone to complications. Diabetic patients must understand the amount of carbohydrate contained in each food, and reasonably arrange three meals a day. All patients with hypoglycemia increase activity, need to appropriately increase the frequency of diet. Carry foods with fast glycemic index, such as sweets, snacks and drinks.

in summer, the days are long and the night is short. In hot summer, combined with mosquito bites, sleep is often insufficient. Summer insulin secretion more, increase the body tissue sensitivity to insulin, thus accelerating the absorption of glucose, easy to cause hypoglycemia. In summer, air conditioning should be used properly. The room temperature should be between 26 ℃ and 27 ℃. Before going to bed, you should keep a calm mind and don’t think about miscellaneous things. There are 30 to 40 minutes of lunch break, no more than an hour, or it will lead to sleep at night.

in order to achieve the goal of weight loss quickly, some diabetic patients will reduce their insulin dosage by themselves. Some patients will over diet, which increases the risk of hypoglycemia. Therefore, diabetic patients with hypoglycemic drugs must be cautious, can not arbitrarily increase or reduce the dosage. In terms of diet control, we should adopt the principle of step by step. We should not diet deliberately, otherwise it will lead to malnutrition and even sudden acute hypoglycemia.

drinking will disturb the patients’ normal diet and medication, thus causing excessive blood glucose fluctuations, which is not conducive to blood glucose control. In addition, fasting drinking is prone to hypoglycemia, because alcohol can inhibit gluconeogenesis, but also can inhibit glycogen decomposition reaction, so that the mechanism of blood glucose regulation is damaged. In addition, drinking on an empty stomach can also inhibit the body’s decomposition and excretion of hypoglycemic drugs, so hypoglycemic events are prone to occur. Therefore, drink less alcohol as far as possible and do not touch alcohol.

diabetic patients can not have the above five behaviors in dog days and must be responsible for their own health. At the same time, we should develop good living habits, stay away from spicy and stimulating food, and take part in more physical exercises to strengthen our physique.