How does mammary gland hyperplasia do? These three movements can get twice the result with half the effort

hyperplasia of mammary glands is common and the incidence rate is very high. In general, multiple childbearing age female friends usually have mild symptoms such as breast swelling pain and lumps, especially in menstrual period, which is more obvious, but it is easy to be ignored by women, and often only found in female physical examination. In fact, breast hyperplasia is mostly benign, but there is also the possibility of canceration. Therefore, female friends should pay attention to the prevention and treatment of breast hyperplasia. First of all, we need to understand what is the early symptoms of breast hyperplasia? < / P > < p > it is often distending pain or tingling pain, which can affect one side or both sides of the breast, especially one side of the breast. The pain can radiate to the ipsilateral axillary or shoulder back, and some of the pain can be manifested as nipple pain or itching. < p > < p > breast pain often appears or worsens a few days before menstruation, and decreases or disappears after menstruation; pain can also fluctuate with the changes of mood, fatigue and weather. This kind of pain related to menstrual cycle and emotional changes is the main feature of clinical manifestations of breast hyperplasia. < p > < p > masses can occur in unilateral or bilateral breast, single or multiple, and usually occur in the upper quadrant of the breast. It is characterized by flaky, nodular and striped shape with different sizes, among which flake is the most common. < / P > < p > the boundary is not obvious, the texture is medium or slightly hard, there is no adhesion with surrounding tissues, and there is often tenderness. Most breast masses also have the characteristics of changing with the menstrual cycle. The mass increases and hardens before menstruation, and shrinks and softens after menstruation. < / P > < p > a few patients can have nipple discharge, which is spontaneous discharge, mostly light yellow or light milky white, and a few patients can see nipple discharge after squeezing. If there is a bloody or brown discharge need to be careful, it may be a symptom of breast cancer. < / P > < p > in particular, the symptom of breast distending pain is most easily ignored by many female friends. Therefore, once the breast is found to be abnormal, it is necessary to take correct measures to deal with it. First, go to the hospital for diagnosis. If it is confirmed as hyperplasia of mammary glands, it is necessary to take timely drug treatment to avoid delaying the disease. < / P > < p > first, kneel on the back, then hold the lumbosacral part with both hands to give a supporting force to the lumbosacral part. Then the body slowly leans back, and the right hand is tilted downward as far as possible to support the right heel. Then, relax the neck and let the head drop naturally, so that the muscles of the spine can be trained. < / P > < p > through this camel style exercise, the muscles around the breast can be stretched, especially the blood circulation in the blood stasis area can be accelerated, and the effect is very good for the blood stasis caused by breast hyperplasia. < / P > < p > after standing in the basic posture, the exerciser slowly separates his hands from the side and raises them upward. When the hands are raised above the top of the head, he makes the posture of clasping his hands, straightens his elbows as far as possible, then bends his knees to move his buttocks down slowly, gradually moves his body’s center of gravity down, and then maintains natural breathing for about half a minute, and then slowly raises his body. < / P > < p > repeat the same movement for five groups, and each time for more than ten minutes can make the effect obvious. Chest expansion exercise can extend the lymphatic tissue on both sides of the body, promote the smooth flow of meridians around the chest, and repair and regulate the hyperplasia of mammary glands. < / P > < p > rotate and massage around the breast, clockwise and anticlockwise until the breast skin is slightly red and slightly hot, and finally lift the nipple several times, which can stimulate the whole breast, including breast duct, adipose tissue, connective tissue, etc., to dredge the mammary collaterals and regulate hyperplasia. < / P > < p > spicy food is easy to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, leading to gastrointestinal endocrine disorders, reducing resistance and immunity. People with breast hyperplasia should eat less spicy food in daily life, which can not only relieve the pain of hyperplasia, but also prevent mastitis. Spicy food like pepper and pepper must be eaten less, otherwise mammary gland will increase Students may develop faster and faster. < / P > < p > high fat food not only makes the body fat, but also contains high calories, which will affect the body. It is easy to disturb the endocrine system and cause excessive secretion of estrogen in the body, thus causing breast hyperplasia. High fat food is easy to induce cancer. People with breast hyperplasia must eat less high-fat food, otherwise the more they eat, the faster the hyperplasia will be. < / P > < p > women all want to have a perfect body, want to make their breasts become plump, so that they will have more temperament and feminine flavor. Breast food contains a lot of estrogen. If you often eat health products containing too much hormone, it is easy to lead to the increase of estrogen secretion in the body, thus disturbing the endocrine level, aggravating the condition of breast hyperplasia and suffering from breast cancer The probability will also increase, so if women like to eat estrogen food should pay attention to, eat more likely to proliferate faster. 08/17/2020