How does often leg cramp do? Do 2 things in summer to increase bone density and not hunchback

Calcium deficiency is one of the main causes of leg cramps, because when the concentration of calcium ion in the blood is low to a certain level, it will make the muscle over excited, and cause spasm. In addition, the digestive function of middle-aged and old people is reduced, and the calcium absorption capacity is weakened. In addition, the calcium loss rate is much faster than the absorption rate, which inevitably leads to calcium deficiency and cramps.

when doing strenuous exercise, the muscle will contract continuously for a short time, and also produce a lot of lactic acid. If you don’t stretch and relax your muscles in time, lactic acid will accumulate locally and cause leg cramps. Especially the middle-aged and elderly people are weak, muscle strength is poor, coupled with metabolic function decline, so the frequency of cramps is more frequent. In addition, bad sleep posture will make the leg muscles compressed for a long time, resulting in passive muscle contracture.

lumbar disc protrusion patients with spinal deformation, will compress the nerve, resulting in leg cramps and leg numbness. In addition, when the lower limb is blocked, it will slow down the metabolism of the garbage in the leg, which will cause the blood flow in the leg to be more and more slow down, which will lead to the accumulation of the garbage in the leg.

calcium is an essential inorganic salt for the body, which can not be separated from people of any age group. Calcium supplementation in children and adolescents can strengthen teeth and promote bone development. Calcium supplement after 35 years old can make up for the loss of calcium, slow down the speed of bone loss, reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fracture. Especially for postmenopausal women, at least 1200 mg of calcium should be taken every day. Milk, yogurt or cheese are recommended. Soybeans or bean products, green leafy vegetables, etc. can also be selected. In case of severe calcium deficiency, vitamin D should be supplemented according to the doctor’s advice, or calcium supplements with high calcium content can be selected, which can increase bone density, reduce the damage to bone structure, and prevent hunchback, height reduction and fracture.

as we all know, proper sun exposure promotes vitamin D3 synthesis in the skin, and sun exposure is the simplest, safe, effective and affordable way to obtain vitamin D. The sun is abundant in summer, but the ultraviolet rays are strong. It is necessary to arrange the time for sun exposure. You can arrange the time before 9:00 in the morning or after 4:00 in the afternoon. When you are in the sun, you can not apply any sunscreen. Try to expose your arms and face, which is conducive to the synthesis of vitamin D3 by the skin. Especially, people with weak body and chondropathy can be exposed to the sun. Every day in the sun between 15 to 30 minutes.

the feeling of leg and foot cramp is indescribable. If you encounter toe cramp when you sleep at night, you should immediately pull your toes in the opposite direction and lift up the board of your feet. Generally, you can get effect by sticking to it for about two minutes. When the calf muscle cramps, you can use your hand to hold the toe and pull it back. At the same time, you should stretch the muscle behind the leg. Then you can hold the calf muscle with your hand and gently knead it. In this way, the muscle can be relaxed and the cramp problem can be alleviated.