How does the fitness person eat 120 eggs a week?

But this little brother did eat 120 eggs a week and finally got a good figure. There is a fitness enthusiast in Austria. He is more of a fitness maniac than a fitness enthusiast.

as we all know, protein is the most needed nutrient for fitness enthusiasts. Besides training, eating protein is also a compulsory course.

in order to get enough protein, the young man in Austria eats a lot of eggs every day. As shown in the picture, he can buy enough eggs for a week. This is his weekly intake of 120 eggs.

in order to gain muscle, in addition to a lot of training, it will also supplement a lot of protein. And eggs are the most convenient and fast protein, and also one of the most easily absorbed high protein foods for the human body, so he started the crazy fitness road of 120 eggs a week.

on the way to fitness, there are many small partners who practice very hard, but their muscle growth rate is not satisfactory. The root cause is eating too little.

protein is an essential nutrient for muscle increasers. Eggs, milk, protein powder, beef and fish are all very good sources of protein.

most people think that the cholesterol content in egg yolk is very high. Eating too much yolk will lead to excessive cholesterol intake, so they will lose the yolk when eating eggs.

egg yolk is never a harmful substance. On the contrary, egg yolk must be eaten. Because most of the nutrients in eggs are concentrated in the yolk, which contains rich vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients.

the reason why you can’t eat egg yolk during weight loss is that the fat content of egg yolk is high, but the heat of egg is really not high. The heat of a whole egg is only 100 calories, compared with ice cream and cake, the heat is really low. Privacy Policy