How embarrassed is it after entering the delivery room? Mom: take off your pants. This is just the beginning

I believe that many mothers in the near delivery period, through a variety of ways to understand the process of giving birth. Because of the difference of individual constitution, the feeling of giving birth to children will inevitably be different. Although there are some differences, pain must be something that every pregnant woman will experience. In fact, relative to the pain after entering the delivery room, it seems that the process of natural labor is the most embarrassing for pregnant women. When Xiaomin gave birth to her first child, she experienced a series of embarrassments in the delivery room. Before entering the delivery room, the doctor specially ordered to eat as little as possible, but her husband was worried that she would not be able to give birth, so he let her eat a whole family barrel and a nutritious porridge before going in. When the doctor pushed Xiaomin into the delivery room, the first thing she did was to ask her to take off her pants for examination. Because it is the first time to experience this kind of thing, Xiaomin is particularly shy, after taking off her pants, Xiaomin’s mind is blank. < / P > < p > an hour later, Xiaomin’s stomach began to purr and purr, which may be due to eating too much food and causing some upset stomach. In addition, she was in a state of tension, and she was at a loss. During the production process, when the doctor asked her to exert all over her body, Xiaomin felt strong. First, a stinky fart came out, and then she could not control her incontinence. This can make Xiaomin embarrassed. I want to find a hole to drill in. < / P > < p > fortunately, the doctor was not surprised. After cleaning the sheets, she always comforted her not to be nervous or embarrassed. This is a normal thing. Just relax. < / P > < p > here are a few embarrassing things that may be encountered in the delivery room. For mothers who have not yet given birth, they can be prepared in advance, so as not to be so embarrassed later. As we all know, natural childbirth is a very painful thing for women, which is beyond the comprehension of ordinary people. Therefore, before childbirth, the puerpera must be prepared to bear grade 10 pain. Some parturient women will because their pain point is too low, resulting in the delivery room shouting, such behavior will be scolded by the doctor. < / P > < p > when the parturient shouts during delivery, it will lead to frequent ventilation, which will cause severe hypoxia in the body, which is very harmful to the fetus. And in the early stage of childbirth, shouting will consume a certain amount of physical strength, until the late most critical moment, the maternal will feel tired, unable to produce forcefully, will also affect whether the fetus is born smoothly. So even if you are really scolded by the doctor, I hope the pregnant mother will not be angry, after all, they are also responsible for you and your baby. < / P > < p > skin preparation, whether it is a natural birth mother or a cesarean section mother, this is a thing that needs to be experienced. Although the process is awkward and long, there are still many benefits for the maternal and fetal. It can not only block the growth of bacteria, but also prevent the hair of the fetus from being contaminated with any bacteria after birth. And in the prenatal part of the hair removed, for the natural birth of the mother will also be very beneficial. In short, although this matter is embarrassing, it is an indispensable link in the production process. < / P > < p > just like Xiaomin in the above example, she is embarrassed to encounter incontinence in the process of delivery. Although she will be embarrassed, these are very normal in the eyes of doctors, so the puerpera should not care too much. After all, pregnant women to the third trimester of pregnancy, because the fetus will be more and more big will be compressed into the mother’s intestines, then the mother’s peristalsis ability will decline. Therefore, if there is no evacuation of food in the intestinal tract before delivery, it is easy for parturient to discharge things when giving birth. If you do encounter this kind of situation, just treat it as usual. There is no healthy life without healthy psychology. Therefore, even in pregnancy, we should exercise more and not be lazy. Proper exercise can not only control your weight, but also help you to have a natural birth, shorten the labor process, and make yourself and children suffer less. Why not? Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore