How embarrassing is the “one Yang finger” of internal examination of male doctors? People in the past do not want to mention it again, so they can avoid it

Xiaoru has been mentioned by people around her from pregnancy to labor. Now there are more and more male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology. In the delivery room, although the key is to let the baby be born safely, < / P > < p > but I didn’t expect that one day it started in the middle of the night. That day, a male doctor happened to be on duty. When it came to the internal examination, the doctor asked Xiaoru to take off her pants to check the condition of the uterine opening. She and her husband were very embarrassed. They tentatively asked, “is there no female doctor?” < / P > < p > seeing Xiaoru’s appearance, the nurse beside her often said, “don’t worry. He has been working in obstetrics and gynecology for more than 20 years, with superb skills and rich experience. I know what you’re worried about, but our doctors are highly professional. Don’t worry. ” < / P > < p > finally, Xiaoru blushed and cooperated with the male doctor to have an internal examination. Within a few hours of labor, she had seven or eight examinations before and after, all of which were the same male doctor. < / P > < p > although Xiaoru knew it was a routine examination, she still couldn’t let it go. She was so shy that she didn’t dare to open her eyes during the whole process, and her husband on one side was also embarrassed and dare to be angry. < / P > < p > after giving birth, Xiaoru still feels super ashamed and tells the pregnant women around her as a passer-by how embarrassed it is to meet a male doctor in the internal examination. She can avoid it if she can. < / P > < p > whenever people ask Xiaoru whether she will have a second child, she replies “no!” It’s not that I’m afraid of the pain of having a baby, but that I’m afraid of the embarrassment of encountering the male doctor’s “one Yang finger” again. < / P > < p > the doctor will use his fingers to measure the opening of the uterine orifice of the puerpera, so as to judge whether it meets the conditions of production. At the beginning, the feeling is not obvious. With the uterine contraction, the uterine orifice will open slowly, and the number of internal examinations will be more frequent. < / P > < p > the pain is because when the doctor checks the position of the uterine orifice, pelvis and fetus, he may have to do many examinations back and forth. Originally, the labor pains of uterine contraction have already tormented the parturients. In addition, the male doctors’ strength during internal examination will be relatively strong, and they will press the stomach, which is just more painful. < / P > < p > imagine that a woman appears naked in front of a male doctor and receives repeated internal examinations. No matter how strong her psychological quality is, it is still difficult to face such an embarrassing fact. < / P > < p > almost all pregnant women are worried that they will meet a male doctor for prenatal examination. They are embarrassed and worried about whether they will be “taken advantage of”. But in the view of male obstetricians, these concerns of pregnant women are not necessary. They think too much. < / P > < p > doctors are a sacred profession. They have basic professional ethics and ethics. In their view, people entering the hospital only have one identity as “patients”, and there is no distinction between men and women in the eyes of male doctors. < / P > < p > it’s the doctor’s duty to check and deliver the baby to the puerpera. In the eyes of male obstetricians, it’s only a work content, and the inspection part is only a part of the body, and they won’t “take advantage” by thinking crookedly. < / P > < p > doctors will give priority to the current situation of mothers and fetuses, and doctors are faced with more than one or two mothers. Even if male doctors deliver babies, they don’t have so much time and mind to “take advantage” of mothers. < / P > < p > have you ever met a male doctor when you had a baby? Would you like to be delivered by a male doctor? What’s the mood of mothers and husbands? Welcome to share and discuss. Focus