How far does your cell phone radiate when you sleep? Finally, there is an answer

If the mobile phone signal is very poor, it means that the signal from the base station is already very weak when it reaches one end of the mobile phone. Then the mobile phone will increase the signal power, so that the base station can “hear” and increase the radiation.

it’s a similar principle to move frequently when answering a phone call. But don’t worry too much. There will be an upper limit on the power transmitted by the mobile phone itself. The radiation here is only relatively larger.

although mobile phone radiation itself is not terrible, there is a period of “radiation sensitive period” during the pregnancy of mothers to be. This period of time is three months before the mothers to be conceive of their babies. At this time, the babies are very vulnerable.

although there is no authoritative data to show how far away the mobile phone is from the head, the radiation of the mobile phone decreases with the distance. Some studies say that when the distance is 50 cm, the radiation effect will be negligible.

However, there are many people who say 1.5 meters. In any case, 1.5 meters can at least ensure that you can’t reach your mobile phone during rest and have a good sleep. Focus