How hard core did ancient Japanese skin care have? With bird droppings painted face, now also become a world-class female star’s favorite

“The mountain of defying Gu shoots, where there are gods and people living in Yan. If the skin is ice and snow, it is more than a place, does not eat five grains, absorbs wind and drinks dew, rides the clouds and resists the flying dragon, and travels all over the world. “-

at the end of Han Dynasty, there was a female who was named qinluofu, a famous beauty in history. There was a poem saying:” the head of the moon is a bun with bright moon in her ear. The Jingqi is the lower skirt, and Ziqi is the upper Ru. The walker saw the compress and carried his beard. The young man saw the compress and took off his cap and looked after his head. The plough forgets his plow, the hoe forgets his hoe. Come and return to complain, but sit and watch Luo Fu. “See, beauty has such a huge influence that everyone likes beautiful things.

Cao Zhi is a classic work in the history of China praising women’s beauty: “elegant as a surprise, graceful as a dragon. Glory of the chrysanthemum, spring pine. If the light clouds cover the moon, the wind will be like the snow. Far away and looking, if the sun rises to the sun, and when forced to observe, it burns like a second wave. ”

Why did such a large section of ancient literature be used to support the description of ancient women’s appearance at the beginning? This is to tell you that people in ancient times don’t have aesthetic taste, they don’t love beauty. Ancient women dress up, so they really want to try everything.

a new and completely changed word in China is called “wash all the lead Chinese”. The word “wash up the lead” here is literally. Ancient women used white lead powder as a “foundation” for beauty, and lead powder is toxic. Long term use will not only corrode the skin, but also accelerate aging and cause harm to the human body. But after applying lead powder, not only the skin immediately brightens, but also the color is very delicate. For the sake of beauty, ancient women prefer to apply lead powder on their face. This is crazy. But in the case of madness, Japan was not inferior in ancient times. Geisha is a professional professional in Japanese dance and singing. It was male at first. But by the middle of the 18th century, all the Japanese Geisha teams had been transformed into women.

as a “vane” of Japanese ancient costume makeup, some of the Japanese Geisha’s dress habits will quickly spread across Japan, such as the teeth we have never understood “meihei ” are actually the Japanese Geisha who have been struggling with it. The reason why they want to blacken all their teeth is that they can cover up the teeth and teeth yellow. This is really the reason, People don’t know how to evaluate

. In addition to the beauty of the teeth, the ancient Japanese Geisha has a “beauty prescription”, that is, using bird droppings as a mask. Yes, you are not mistaken, that is, bird droppings, but also must be Nightingale droppings. It is said that because Nightingale’s droppings contain a kind of biological enzyme, it can effectively remove the dead skin on the face, make the skin fine, and the geisha with heavy makeup on the face especially need this kind of cleansing mask which can thoroughly remove the makeup.

of course, this bird droppings mask does not directly catch a few Nightingale and put their droppings on their faces. They also need to mix and deodorant other ingredients such as rice bran before they can be used. What wanwan didn’t expect is that this once “earth square” has become a beauty experience again. Some beauty salons in the United States and the United States have launched “Nightingale fecal wrinkle therapy”. It takes 180 pounds to apply it once, which is about 1900 RMB, and has been sought after by many international famous stars.

Bei know, Vitoria Beckham, who was a member of the hot chick choir, later married to the famous star Beckham. After marriage, she also started her own brand and became a world-class female star. She love to make this bird droppings mask, not only do it herself but also her husband Beckham.

, apart from Beckham and his wife, Tom Curise has been making bird mask for years. Now the United States believes that this bird droppings mask can replace botulinum toxin. But although it is true that there are enzymes in Nightingale dung, there are also many other microorganisms in this excreta, which may cause bacterial infection.

then, even if Nightingale has no other hidden danger, this mask is too “heavy”. I believe that few people can accept it. Your name will always exist on the Internet