How harmful is cigarette to health? Rational analysis of the harm of smoking, ask 400 million smokers not to escape

Introduction: the most ridiculed thing I’ve ever seen is that it’s not too much on the cigarette, which says that smoking is harmful to the body, but people still unconsciously make cigarettes, and some people buy cigarettes to form an industrial chain, and we all know that smoking is not good.

what do netizens hate most? Then I think some people will say it’s opium, because opium has made China lose so much real money and money, and also lost its fighting spirit and opium. Those who take opium, just like “Crazy”, can never give up. Nowadays, opium is no longer flowing in China, but cigarettes have become the favorite of some people, and the harm of cigarettes can not be underestimated.

there are nearly 400 million smokers in China. This is active smoking, but there are still passive smoking. When you are spitting out a cigarette ring, other people also inhale it into their lungs with the smoke you spit out. There are more than 180 million children under the age of 15. More than one million people die from smoking every year. This number is obviously huge, which also reminds us that we should pay attention to the harm of smoking.

everyone knows that smoking is harmful to your health. It not only damages your lungs, but also your kidneys! As early as 2016, Professor Michael Hall, from the University of Mississippi, published a study in the journal, which showed that the decline of renal function in smokers was 83% higher than that in non-smokers as a whole, and the decline rate was faster. The poison in the cigarette can directly damage the kidney, reaching the damage you can’t imagine! If you want to reduce or avoid the harm of cigarettes, give up smoking. Bazhen pill contains black sesame, donkey hide gelatin, black rice, wolfberry, red dates, honey, rose, longan and other ingredients. It can be used for beauty, nourishing yin and blood, moistening lung and Tonifying Qi.

when we give up smoking, we will find these five changes in the human body, which means that your body is getting better and you need to continue to maintain your health.

when we start to quit smoking, our lungs begin to repair themselves. Even after a month, you will feel that the lungs are totally new. It means that the cilia of the lung are no longer hoodwinked by cigarettes. The cilia of the lung have a cleaning effect. It starts to work gradually and starts to clean your lung.

cigarettes contain Nikolay, which can confuse your nerves. Control your emotions and desires. When you start to quit smoking, you’ll feel more clear headed and more thoughtful.

people who smoke will gradually turn their teeth yellow and their mouth will stink more and more. Even if we brush our teeth for a long time, we can’t get a complete improvement! But by the time we stop smoking, it’s going to get better.

cigarettes contain a lot of substances harmful to human body. From blood to our skin, the skin will be gradually covered by cigarette impurities. Cause we can’t get the right metabolism! When we start to quit smoking, our metabolism will restart and gradually return to normal.

conclusion: smoking is never good. Some people think that smoking can make me talented. In fact, it’s just your illusion! All we have to do is protect ourselves. Smoking not only can not protect themselves, but also hurt others, it is not worth the loss. It’s never too late to quit smoking. Stick to it from this moment, and you will win forever. Information sharing for epilepsy patients