How important is the waist hip ratio of girls? The two parts has the final say in order to make a beautiful and attractive figure.

In recent years, waist to hip ratio has become an important indicator to measure women’s figure. Girls with the highest waist hip ratio can always attract people’s attention, and can have more amazing performance in wearing and fashion. The first one is waist circumference. As we all know, fat is very easy to accumulate near the abdomen, waist circumference is often one of the characteristics of weight gain, but also a direct reflection of women’s lack of exercise and body weight gain. The second is hip circumference. The increase of hip circumference can be achieved through targeted strength training, which can stimulate all parts of the hip comprehensively, so that the hip muscles can be better increased, and the body looks more compact and shapeless. < / P > < p > in order to make the waist circumference thinner, we need to reduce the excess fat accumulated on the body, especially in the waist and abdomen. This effect can not be achieved quickly in a short time. We need to start from the aspects of diet, training and body hormone level regulation. < / P > < p > in the diet, we should first control the energy intake lower than the body consumption, and then improve the basic metabolism by increasing the amount of exercise and muscle, so that the body can consume more calories. It is suggested that carbohydrate intake should be controlled, high fiber coarse grains should be eaten in food selection, and high-quality protein and unsaturated fat should be taken in more. < / P > < p > to better adjust their emotions, too much pressure, cortisol secretion level increased, more likely to increase the amount of fat, to maintain a good mood, adequate sleep, and through exercise to increase the secretion of dopamine, make yourself more happy. Add more water to ensure the metabolism of the body. < / P > < p > in training, focus on the items you are interested in and the intensity of exercise is guaranteed, such as ball games, running, rock climbing, swimming and surfing, etc., which can not only consume heat but also make your body and mind happy and make your waistline smaller. < / P > < p > for office workers and family training friends, we recommend several weight-loss actions as usual today. We should do a good job in eating and training at the same time, so that we can lose waist faster! < / P > < p > key points of action: when the body bends down to the ground, the legs will pop back. After completing a push-up, the feet will be restored, the body will stand up, and at the same time, jump up and clap hands in the air. < / P > < p > action points: put your hands on the ground, and step forward alternately with your feet, and feel your abdomen tighten every time. If the action rhythm is fast, it is more like a sprint. < / P > < p > open the feet naturally, bend the hip to push the body backward, then gradually bend the knee to lower the body and squat to a deeper position as far as possible. Pay attention to the whole movement and keep the core tight. In this kind of action, hip push is the most easy to find the feeling of buttock force. You can load-bearing or unarmed training, the upper back thoracic vertebrae is stable, just rely on the hip to push upward. < / P > < p > of course, the back leg lifting training is also a golden action to make the buttocks plump. The range is not too large, but the focus is to feel the strength of the buttocks, and the speed should be slower. < / P > < p > of course, WHR can only explain your body proportion relationship to a certain extent. For female friends with serious buttock fat accumulation, WHR figures are good-looking, but they can not completely represent health. Home