How is hypertension caused? Mainly because of these five reasons

Hypertension, a chronic disease, has become more and more common. If hypertension is not handled properly, it may cause various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. At present, hypertension accounts for 27.9% of adults, that is to say, one in three adults will suffer from hypertension, which is already a high proportion. Not only that, the prevalence rate is also increasing gradually. Let’s talk about the common causes of hypertension.

alcoholism is one of the main causes of elevated blood pressure. Drinking alcohol may not only lead to increased blood pressure, but also increase the risk of atherosclerosis, which can lead to a stroke or heart attack. Research data show that moderate drinking can help prevent heart disease. Therefore, for people who have drinking habits, as long as they pay attention to the right amount of drinking, there will be no big problem. It should be noted that this kind of wine does not refer to beer. Beer is harmful to human body but not beneficial to it.

relying too much on processed convenient food is also one of the main causes of hypertension. With the rapid pace of life, more and more people eat convenience food, and many people rely on convenience food. According to research, at present, many people take in 80% of the total salt intake from processed food. Once too much salt intake, it will bring burden to the human heart, thus affecting the blood system, leading to the occurrence of hypertension. In addition, studies have shown that the daily salt intake of healthy people should be controlled within 6 grams, and the daily salt intake of hypertension patients should be controlled within 3 grams. Once the patients with hypertension become worse, their daily salt intake should be controlled within 1 gram.

the competitive pressure in modern society is very great. If you don’t pay attention to it, you may be eliminated by the society. Therefore, many people will be under excessive pressure for a long time, resulting in excessive nervous tension. Once this happens, the human body will secrete a specific hormone, which will cause vasoconstriction, and then lead to greater resistance to blood discharge, leading to the rise of human blood pressure.

studies have shown that people who lack exercise and sedentary are more likely to develop hypertension, diabetes and other diseases than those who like to exercise, and lack of exercise can also lead to accelerated arteriosclerosis.

hypertension is hereditary. This is also one of the reasons why many people have a regular and healthy life and suffer from high blood pressure.

all in all, the above five are the five common causes of hypertension. Although hypertension is not dangerous, its complications are usually very dangerous. Therefore, in peacetime to do a good job in the prevention of hypertension is a very important thing. Focus